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Man stops following roommate's 'bathroom schedule' to prove a point. AITA?

Man stops following roommate's 'bathroom schedule' to prove a point. AITA?


There's nothing quite like a weird roommate dynamic to make home life stressful.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a man asked if he was wrong for not abiding by his roommate's bathroom schedule. He wrote:

"AITA for using the bathroom even though my roommate 'reserved' it?"

So we've been living together for over a year now in college and we have 1 attached bathroom. My roommate is the laziest person I know and lays down for days on end. He also uses the bathroom for hours every time he goes in and 3+ hours when he needs to "trim his beard" twice a week.

He also needs "minimum 45 minutes" in the bathroom every morning, so if we have 8 AM class, I am expected to be done and ready by 7:15 AM. It sounds completely unreasonable and I too could've used some extra sleep on some days since I only need about 10 minutes in the bathroom anyway, but he's a really old friend of mine so I try to adjust.

Like this, he also "reserves" the bathroom from x time to x time because he has to get ready to go somewhere and I'm just not to use it during that interval. I'm happy to coordinate as well because I hardly need much time in the bathroom.

The problem is that he is also the laziest person I know, so even though I'm not using the bathroom BECAUSE of him, he also continues to lay down and not use it at all, and the bathroom just stays empty/unused. Now if I try to use it after that, suddenly he too has to use it and will knock continuously saying "dude I have class too", even though 90% of the time he ends up not going anyway.

If I tell him how he doesn't use the bathroom nor does he let me, he'll say things like "yes but it's my time so it doesn't matter when I go as long as you don't go", but the bathroom isn't like a plane seat that you can "reserve" right? It's a shared asset.

So I've now started to wait for 10 minutes only, and use the bathroom anyway while ignoring his knocking during his "reserved" time (if I do need to use the bathroom), which brings me here. I don't mind letting him "reserve" the bathroom as long as he at least uses it, but him just laying down while I just have to wait till his time is over really bothers me. AITA?

Redditors had a lot of opinions about the situation.

AndSoItGoes24 wrote:

He has no time! What Roommate from Hell kind of acceptance contract does he think you signed? NTA. omg. You so need to move next semester. In the meantime, I'd tell him that I'd be willing to maintain that schedule of his every other day, so that you both have equal days and times.

If you can live with his nonsense, he can live with yours. No. He can't RESERVE the freaking bathroom and expect you to just live with his BS.

New-Pilot-3697 wrote:

You are not the AH. If he is going to reserve the bathroom from x to x time and not use the bathroom at the time he reserved it, he lost his chance to use the bathroom. He cannot be mad at you for using the bathroom when he's not using it, that also applies to the time he reserved. NOT THE AH!!!

madkins007 wrote:

One concept the Big Bang Theory got right was the roommate agreement. Reserving a shared space is silly in situations like you seem to be describing. I would tell him that you will find a typical roommate agreement online that the two of you can use moving forward.

For example, any hygiene process, like trimming a beard, that can be done in a bedroom and takes over 30 minutes, WILL be done in a bedroom.

FizzyBananas303 wrote:

Definitely NTA, but keep a close eye on your friend. It sounds to me like he is depressed. (Not giving him an excuse- he’s still in the wrong here.)

OP is NTA here, this is a genuinely weird situation.

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