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Woman pretends to be asleep when roommate gets locked out 'again,' knocks and calls.

Woman pretends to be asleep when roommate gets locked out 'again,' knocks and calls.


There's nothing quite like dealing with a roommate who gets on your nerves by doing the same thing over and over again.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she was wrong for pretending to be asleep instead of letting her roommate in. She wrote:

"AITA for pretending to be asleep instead of letting my roommate in?"

I (19F) live in a university dorm with a roommate (18F). This semester we haven’t really fought but she’s been continuously frustrating. On multiple occasions, she has forgotten her room key and asked me to let her in.

This wouldn’t be an issue if it wasn’t such a common occurrence for her to expect me to run across campus for her or let her in at early hours (all while being very unappreciative of whenever I let her in). She could easily go to the residence help desk and get a spare key as it is less than a block away and open 24/7 but always chooses not to.

She has also on multiple occasions given me no warning before replacing her key and in the process demagnetising mine. This is slightly annoying because when I get back from a three hour lab I would like to be able to fix my key before I get to my room and realise I can’t open the door.

Over reading week she also called me numerous times asking me to search for her wallet and key in the room, even though I had told her and texted her that night that I was at home (hours away from the university). In addition to all of this, it is clear that she hates living on residence and as such is overall just negative to be around.

Now this is the part where I might be the AH. The other night I fell asleep at 2 AM after studying for finals. She came home at 5 AM and turned on all the lights - this woke me up, but only enough to make my eyes open and look around before I fell back asleep as she left the room. As far as my roommate knew, I was asleep the whole time. A few minutes later, she tried to call me and my phone rang.

I looked at my phone and when I saw it was her, I muted it, figuring she was trying to get me to let her back into our room. She tried calling me again and made my phone vibrate and fall onto the floor from my lofted bed. I later found out she tried to call me 4 times. Eventually, she started continuously knocking loudly on the door. I still didn’t get out of bed.

After five minutes she started calling my name and it almost sounded like she was crying in the hall. It is exam season, so quiet hours were in effect especially strictly. Eventually, someone else let her in, probably the RA (resident assistant) on duty or our RA down the hall. When she came back into the room I pretended to be asleep so she wouldn’t know I was ignoring her the whole time. So Reddit, AITA?

The internet kept it real.

stingypuddin wrote:

NTA if she has another option like talking to the RA or whatever; she’s an adult.

One_Dot_4280 wrote:

I’m an RA myself. Definitely NTA. I mean hell, sometimes when residents who frequently forget their keys call me - the literal RA on call - at irritating hours, I’ll take as long as i need to get there. Sometimes sitting in the hall and waiting for fifteen-twenty minutes will teach them a lesson.

You’re not the RA. It’s not your job to let your roommate in, especially at 5 in the morning during finals week. Besides, she’s a damn adult. She’s gotta start remembering her key or she’s gonna have a rough time as soon as she gets her own place. It sounds like someone, maybe yourself or an RA or a staff member, needs to have a sit-down talk with your roommate about why she keeps forgetting her key.

Ok_Broccoli_2212 wrote:

NTA. She needs to learn responsibilities and to grow up. You're not her mother. She is disturbing your study, rest, and personal time. I want her to move out and I don't live with her. I would suggest buying a sleep mask and ear plugs or comfy headphones that will block out all of her ruckus. Can you discuss this with the RA or someone so that they do not deactivate your key? You need a better roommate.

Wooky2020 wrote:

Even having the second option as an RA that can let her in I believe your NTA. She needs to get her life sorted out, and probably go see a doctor about ADHD or something. Sure it is nice to have someone to help, but ADHD isn't an excuse to be a burden to someone else. Far from the AH here.

OP is NTA here, it's totally within her right to "stay asleep" while her roommate learns the basics of responsibility.

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