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Girl asks if she's wrong for refusing to 'cover up' around male roommates.

Girl asks if she's wrong for refusing to 'cover up' around male roommates.


AITA for refusing to wear jumpers in my shared flat kitchen?

Note: 'Jumpers' = 'sweaters,' just in case anyone is confused. Watch this video for a great song about jumpers:

Here's the story...

I’ve moved into a uni flat of 8 recently. It’s been really good overall, we all get along very well, except for this one small issue. So all 3 boys in the flat have girlfriends, and they’ve been staying a lot. Absolutely fine of course, 2 of them are really lovely and basically like extra flat mates.

The other one, let’s call her M, seems to have an issue with me and I don’t know why. Our halls are very hot and retain heat, so a lot of us girls will wear tank tops/ shorts etc. However whenever I’ve been wearing a tank top in the kitchen whilst eating or cooking, she’s asked if I could please cover up and wear a jumper or a baggy t-shirt.

Now it’s not like I’m always wearing tank tops, I do also wear t-shirts but when it’s really hot (like it is right now) and when I’m doing laundry, I’ll just wear a tank top. Without getting graphic, I do have quite big boobs and whilst my tank tops aren’t fully v-line or whatever, cleavage does show.

All the other girls in my flat wear the same tops but they have smaller chests so less cleavage I guess. I’m guessing that’s why the issue is with only me. Thing is, we’re all friends, I would never ever try anything with anyones boyfriend, and would never do anything with a flatmate anyways so I don’t see why me showing a bit of cleavage should be an issue.

I put a jumper on the first time just to avoid drama but now she’s asked again and again and I’ve refused. All the girls but one in the flat agree with me. The one that doesn’t just says maybe cover up to keep the peace but I’m the one paying rent to stay here, not the girlfriend so I don’t see why I shouldn’t be able to chill in my own home. Anyways, please be honest, AITA?



Yeah, I think it's completely inappropriate that she's trying to police your body. Why is she even in the relationship if she's so insecure that she can't handle another woman having boobs in her presence?


I had a coworker tell me my boobs were 'distracting.' This in a high v-neck that showed absolutely no cleavage. I told him not to look. I SHOULD have suggested he wear a long skirt instead of his tight jeans to reduce 'distractions.'


OP, I would go to the BF and tell him what's going on. Explain to him that if she keeps harassing you, you don't want her to keep coming over. Tell him you deserve to feel safe in your own home.

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