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Man can't find apartment odor, roommate says 'only gay guys use toilet paper.'

Man can't find apartment odor, roommate says 'only gay guys use toilet paper.'


Truly a baffling story to try to introduce.

Okay, let's see. Um. Jeez. Okay.

So one man was perlexed as to why his apartment always had a very foul odor. He keeps a clean house and there was no visible cause for the smell. Well, when he talked to his roommate, he found out some very shocking information on his opinion about personal hygiene. Ugh. Honestly, just give it a read and tell us what you think.

AITA for criticizing my roommate's grooming habits harshly?


Hey all. I (26m) currently live in a rented apartment with my roommate (24m). Recently we've been running into some issues because of his grooming.

I occasionally noticed a funk coming off of him, and a few times it got bad enough to ask him to take a shower because it was distracting me and grossing me out. He apologized, and said he had a lessened sense of smell, which made him less likely to realize he needed a shower. Sounded kinda BS to me, but he showered, so I didn't think anything of it.

Our apartment has two full bathrooms in the hallway, and I ordered a bidet for mine. The other day, I was installing it, and he happened upon me doing so. He asked what it was for, and I explained.

He chuckled, and said 'You gay guys are something else.' I laughed and said, 'It's less invasive than toilet paper, and more effective!' and he laughed and said 'Yeah, but I don't use that either!'

Something clicked in my head, and I asked him for clarification. Apparently he never wipes. He says he thinks it's gross to 'rub [his] ass with a piece of paper that doesn't really do anything.' He said no straight guy does, and it's not a big deal.

I asked what he does if he eats Taco Bell or something, and he said he just takes a shower. I asked what if he's in a public bathroom. He says he waits until he gets home. I then asked if he washes his butt in the shower and he said that the soap from his back drips down and takes care of it.

At this point I was basically gagging, and told him he can't sit on any of the furniture I pay for (which is most of it) until he wipes and washes his crusty ass. He got mad, and says the only reason I care is because I get f*$ked in mine, to which I responded that I'm a top.

He got p*ssy and left after this, and I haven't seen him since. I called his girlfriend to ask if she has heard from him, and she said he came over, explained the situation, she got grossed out, and he left her place.

I feel kinda bad for not viewing this as a 'he doesn't know the right way' situation rather than the more antagonistic turn it took. AITA?

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YT-A for making me read this and question my faith in humanity. NTA, though. Get a new roommate, hire a bio hazard time to come in, set the place on fire and report a complaint to the Geneva convention.


NTA. People who don’t wipe their privates deserve to feel the embarrassment of that. Similar post the other day that I am still gagging over.


'No straight guys do.' 🤦🏻‍♀️ Worst appeal to the masses ever. My (f) roommate (straight m) and I had to negotiate about what kind of toilet paper to buy because he cared so much. NTA.


My very straight husband is much more particular about toilet paper than I am.


I can't help but wonder if your roommate's weird hygiene rules are the result of some childhood trauma. His refusal to even wipe his ass or clean it in any way is just so abnormal. This might explain his over the top reaction to the subject.

However, this situation is really disgusting, and I don't blame you for being shocked and grossed out. Just trying to offer a possible explanation. If you get the chance, maybe you can ask him why he holds these views in a nonjudgmental way. You have no obligation, however, to enable him in this behavior. NTA.


You are absolutely NTA. Tbh I thought guys like this were an internet myth. “iTs gAy tO wAsH bEtWeEn mY bUtT”. If I had a roommate that didn’t wash or wipe there I’d do the same thing.

Is this ridiculous behavior? Not wiping? Are other people forgoing rectal cleanliness?

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