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Man's roommate refuses to live with him because he watched Jurassic Park. AITA?

Man's roommate refuses to live with him because he watched Jurassic Park. AITA?


'My roommate doesn't want to live with me again after I watched Jurassic Park movies while his GF was at our apartment.'


I (22M) am finishing up my last year of college and live with my best friend (23M). He has a GF (20F) that he's been with for about 6 months. She is pretty shy and whenever she's at our apartment, they are pretty much always just hanging out in my friend's room.

They will very rarely hang out in common areas for extended periods of time. So, suffice to say that even though I've known her for half a year, I know very little about her and wouldn't say I know her very well personally.

This past weekend I was scrolling thru Netflix to find something to put on in the background while I study for finals. I found 'The Land Before Time' which was one of my favorite movies growing up because my older brother used to always play it for me when he babysat me. So, I turned it on and just kind of had it on.

My roommate and his GF came by and my roommate noticed the movie I was watching. He commented that he hasn't seen it in years, since he was a kid. He asked his GF if she's ever seen it and she said no.

She said that she wasn't allowed to watch any movies with dinosaurs because her religion doesn't believe in them and believe that their fossils were put in the ground by God as a test. Needless to say, I was caught off guard.

Of course, I had a million questions, but for some reason my brain went towards dinosaur movies instead of her religion. I asked if she had seen any of the Jurassic Park movies and she said no.

I told her some of them are really good and suggested we have a dinosaur movie marathon. She said she doesn't want to watch any movie that goes against her beliefs. I just said ok and didn't push it and they quickly retreated back to my roommate's room.

But it did kind of make me want to watch Jurassic Park movies. I have the first 2 on Blu-Ray so I found those and started watching them. Neither my roommate or his GF came out of the room much the rest of the day except for to get something from the kitchen or go to the bathroom. After I finished the second movie I left to meet up with some friends.

I stayed at a friend's place that night after drinking and when I got back to my place my roommate immediately laid into me. He said that I was very disrespectful to his GF by playing Jurassic Park movies immediately after she told me it goes against her religious beliefs. He said I made her very uncomfortable and that they both agree I did it on purpose to mock her beliefs.

I told him I don't care at all about her beliefs and that all I did was watch movies in my own place. I told him it's not my problem what her religious beliefs are and if she gets that upset about dinosaur movies then I'm honestly kind of surprised she can go through day-to-day life without having an existential breakdown.

He told me that he doesn't want to live with me again after our lease is up at the end of the month. We had already been looking at renewing our lease or finding a new place. But I think they are seriously overreacting.

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NTA. I'm sure whatever she and your roommate are doing in his room all the time also goes against her religious beliefs. Roommate is just looking for an excuse to not live with you anymore.


They didn't have a problem with it while you were watching the land before time but all of the sudden after you discussed it, it became a problem? You didn't sit there and force her to watch anything and they were in a completely separate room... NTA

The OP responded:


They think that once I found out that she doesn't believe in dinosaurs, that I watched the Jurassic Park movies to mock her beliefs and rub it in her face. Really, I just hadn't seen the first 2 Jurassic Park movies in a while and the conversation spurred an interest in watching them again.


Hilarious. Isn't there a movie called like Raptor Priest or something? Watch that one next.

Edit: it's called VelociPastor 😂


He's just into having a gf. You know if he's as smart as you say, he's got to be pushing some stuff down to keep her.

Do you think his roommate is really leaving over the Jurassic Park franchise or do you think there were maybe more problems here?

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