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Fed-up woman wants to shame 'piss monster' roommate; friends say it's too mean.

Fed-up woman wants to shame 'piss monster' roommate; friends say it's too mean.


'WIBTA (Would I be the a-hole) if I bought potty training aim stickers for my male roommate who keeps peeing on the floor?'

lizardsonline writes:

I (F23) have four male roommates, they’re all really fun and nice guys and we get along well personality wise. I share a bathroom with two of them. Who we’ll call Ethan (24M) and Brandon (22M).

Brandon for the most part is pretty chill, super respectful of the shared bathroom space, puts the seat down, cleans when it’s his turn (not exactly to my standard but I know I grew up in a house where my mom was super anal about cleaning and he tries, and that’s really all i care about). He never leaves an egregious mess, and always cleans the drain.

Ethan however never cleans the bathroom, always leave various types of hair everywhere, often forgets to flush, leaves trash on the floor, and has the worst aim imaginable. It’s like he tries to piss facing away from the toilet with a blindfold on.

Every time Brandon and I scrub the bathroom, the next day (sometimes even sooner) there’s piss on the rim, seat, on the outside of the bowl, floor and WALL. All over basically. It’s like someone exploded a piss monster inside the bathroom.

And he NEVER wipes it up. I’ll ask him, and he’ll be like “For sure, I’ll do that, my bad.” and then doesn’t.

One time I found literal sh*t on the floor.

Both Ethan and I have brought it up in our roommate meetings, and talked to him independently about this and it’ll change for a day or two only to return to the same pissy status. In the beginning I just dealt with it, but it’s been six months now and i’m fed up.

So I found one of those “Aim Here” stickers for potty training kids that I planned on buying and putting in the toilet with no further comment. When I mentioned this to Brandon he said it might be a bit rude and would cause more problems than solving them. Male friends I mentioned this to told me that it was rude and that I can’t expect a man to sit down to piss. (which I never said but they extrapolated).

I’m just over having a piss covered bathroom. Would I be the a-hole for putting potty training devices and stickers in the bathroom?

What do you think OP should do?

Reddit ruled NTA (not the a-hole) and did not hold back.

Emergency-Willow comments:

Honestly this is what my 5 and 8 year old did. This dude just doesn’t care. It’s not that hard to not pee everywhere.

not_inacult lays it all out:

Hey. You know what's rude? Pissing all over like an untrained animal and expecting OTHER people to clean up after you - or just tolerate wallowing in urine and occassional scat. But No One (in your house) wants to talk about that. Sure the expectations are being rehashed in meetings. But who has challenged him on his ultimate lack of decency and respect?

The time for nicety is way past. This calls for more severe measures and Ethan deserves every bit of it. YES buy those piss targets and use them. If he's embarrassed, well dude you SHOULD be embarrassed. That's the f*ckin' point. F*ck Ethan's feelings. Hit the bowl or GTFO. And that's without even going into his failure to clean up after himself. OP NTA.

_emkc says:

I'd get some puppy pee pads to place around the base of the toilet, too.

From ParsimoniousSalad:

NTA but that's not going to help. Maybe try hitting him in the wallet? If he can't aim or clean up, let him pay for a cleaner twice a week specifically for the bathroom.

TinylilSub comments:

NTA. I'd use the stickers.. act like a child, I will treat you like one. If the other roommates have an issue with the stickers then he can use their bathroom. Seriously. That's DISGUSTING. I lived with 2 guys and after the one and ONLY time of me saying 'I will use your pillow, clothes or towel to wash the toilet if you can't use it properly..' We lived very happily together for 3 yrs.

Ruegurl suggests:

NTA but I’d go nuclear… piss has nothing on used feminine hygiene products and period blood left in the same locations he leaves his piss. Just sayin.

poddy_fries shares their motto:

It is never rude to respond to rudeness. What your roommate is doing is incredibly rude.

Sources: Reddit
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