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Roommates won't stop having sex in living room, so woman pretends to record them.

Roommates won't stop having sex in living room, so woman pretends to record them.


Roommates can be the worst, but some are certainly worse than others...

A woman posted her story on Reddit asking if she had gone too far in her attempt to stop some disturbing behavior.

AITA (Am I the as*hole) for making my roommates think I was recording their sex?

I (f32) inherited my grandmother's house a couple of years ago. I don't really have a lot of stuff and I live in a HCOL (high cost of living) city. So I have roommates. I rent out the basement suite to a nice family and I live on the main floor with a young couple that just finished university.

We had a plumbing issue at my workplace so we got to leave early a couple of weeks ago so I went home only to find them having sex in the living room. I was shocked. They acted surprised that I was home so early. I asked them if this was a common occurrence and they said it was a spur of the moment thing and that they were very sorry.

I chose to forgive them and I honestly thought about buying a home security camera but I decided to trust them. Last week I was talking to the dad from the family downstairs and he mentioned that they were considering moving out because of all the sex noise coming from my level.

I'm not a prude but if you are having sex on your bed you won't be making enough noise to bother the neighbors. So I came up with a simple plan. One afternoon after work I walked over to my mantle and picked up a small figurine and asked my roommates if they had knocked over my security camera because I got notified at work that it stopped recording.

They went white then red. How dare I record them in the privacy of their home. It was a gross invasion and I had better erase anything on it that could cause them shame if it ever got out.

I asked them what they meant. The camera was pointed at the living room couch. What sort of thing could possibly happen there that they were ashamed of. I said I would go to my computer and see what they were talking about. They admitted that they were having sex in the living room when I wasn't home.

I said that they had to pay for a full cleaning of the living room including the couch, chair, rug, throw pillows and blankets. They said I was being unreasonable to expect that. I said I would just go to small claims court for the amount since I had evidence of why I wanted my stuff cleaned.

They agreed to pay and are moving out by the end of the month. I did not evict them. They chose to leave. But they are mad that I recorded them being intimate. So to be clear, I absolutely DID NOT record them. I only asked them to stop having sex in our common area. And to pay to clean anything that might have love stains. AITA (Am I the as*hole)?

Reddit ruled a unanimous NTA (not the as*hole).

kevwelch says:

NTA. You bluffed them. They said they’d refrain, they didn’t, and so rather than evict them, you made reasonable requests that would lead to discomfort. You backed up the request with a bluff, and they didn’t challenge it. Cleverly done.

bean3194 writes:

NTA. It's a shared living space. Wtf do they think they are doing? And the fact that the neighbors complained to you is a sign that it's just obnoxious.

patz1307 comments:

NTA. They did not pay any respect to the common room that other people are sharing - probably even laughing about it when they see people hanging out in the living room right after they had sex. You didn't kick them out anyway, they wanted to move on their own just because they thought you had a security cam at the living room (smart bluff, btw) and they admitted to what they did. So, you kinda have them there.

Painting_with_Music says:

NTA. What really gets me is the whole “in the privacy of their own home” thing. It’s not their own home. It’s a shared living space. As someone who lives in a shared space, I’d get much worse than just having to pay the cleaning fees, especially if I had sex loud enough in a common space that the basement family can not only hear, but are considering moving out because of it. Major Yikes.

I don’t exactly support the lying, but I think in this situation it’s kinda of justified. Just… if they had called your bluff, you wouldn’t actually have video evidence you know. Though, I definitely would get a camera now.

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