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Woman offers roommate some soup, roomie's BF asks her to remake it, woman snaps.

Woman offers roommate some soup, roomie's BF asks her to remake it, woman snaps.


When someone pushes your buttons one too many times, it can tip you over the edge. And once you're over the edge? Well, tensions can get super high.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she was wrong for not changing her cooking for her roommate's BF. She wrote:

"AITA for saying you don’t have to eat it?"

I made homemade cheesy potato soup with broccoli. It was for me but I offered my roommate Kris some. My roommate’s boyfriend Kyle came over and I offered him some soup too. Kyle gets super defensive about everything. I don’t know what his deal is but he’s not my boyfriend so not my problem. Kyle says he’s doesn’t like broccoli and I said ok don’t eat the soup. It wasn’t that big.

He says it again and I ignored him and Kris asks in front of him if next time I could make it without broccoli and I said no but you can always cook for your boyfriend if you want we both pay rent here and you can use the stove if you want. Later Kris is mad saying I didn’t have to be mean to Kyle about it and he just really hates broccoli.

I tell her it’s literally not my problem and unless Kyle is paying for my groceries and rent I don’t care what Kyle likes or not. Kris thought I should be a little more accommodating to Kyle and I told her maybe Kyle should be a cheap freeloader expecting everybody to cater to him because he has a pen!s.

She called me disgusting and I should be nicer to guests. It’s been uncomfortable now when Kyle visits but I don’t think it’s his place making demands on food at a place he doesn’t live.

Redditors had lots to say.

He_Who_Is_Person wrote:


The entitlement is staggering. You offer her soup, so she decides this is The Way Things Should Be. She then assumes in turn that this extends to her boyfriend, and asks you not to cook yourself food the way you like it. F#$k all that noise.

Mericatt-Gamer wrote:

NTA, there's being kind (which you were, offering soup) and being a grown up (which you were when you didn't roll over and die because Kyle doesn't like broccoli) and being a child (which they were about the whole thing). I like your style! Keep rolling.

salymander_1 wrote:

NTA. Your roommate and her boyfriend are ridiculous, entitled, and rude, and like many people like that, they are also incredibly sensitive and quick to take offense. They are both assholes. I don't envy you having to live with her, or having to put up with her annoying boyfriend.

tantictantrum wrote:

NTA for what you said but I really feel like YTA for how you said it. Sometimes you can be right and still be an AH.

sbmskxdudn wrote:

NTA. Next time tell him he doesn't have to be so emotional.

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