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Woman with roommate extremely allergic to dogs says, 'I'm getting this dog." AITA?

Woman with roommate extremely allergic to dogs says, 'I'm getting this dog." AITA?


'WIBTA for getting a dog in a pet friendly rental (that I specifically chose because it is pet friendly) even though someone I am sharing the rental with has a horrible dog allergy.'

Over the summer I [23F] got an internship working for a really great company. The company is relocating me New York, and I will be in a rental “triplex” with other people my age who are working the same job. The place I am staying in specifically said they were pet-friendly, which was why I chose to live there.

I should add that I will have my own personal bedroom on the second floor with a bathroom that I share with only one other person. Our kitchen is separate from the first and third floor kitchens, with the only shared space between the first, second and third floors being the entry and stairs.

I’ve been wanting a dog for a very long time, and I’ll finally be financially stable enough to have one. I found the sweetest rescue puppy, and am in the process of getting him right now.

I just shot a message to the group to let them know that I would have a dog, but that he would only be staying in my private room, and would be in the staircase/entry when I take him on walks.

A guy in the group said that he is extremely allergic to dogs, to the point where a dog even passing through the shared entry way will give him a rash, swollen eyes, and sometimes a trip to the hospital. He absolutely does not want me to have one. He lives on the first floor and I live on the second.

I am getting this dog, there is no doubt about it. He’s my dream dog. I have saved up for months to get him. I have a name for him (Dex!) and bought all of the supplies I need. I have also already signed the 4 month lease for the house, along with everyone else.

Here is where people are saying I am the a**hole. I think that since this guy is so allergic to dogs, he absolutely should not have chosen a shared house that states very clearly that it is pet friendly, or at least told everyone four months ago when we were all finding housemates that he was extremely allergic to dogs

I had not decided if I wanted a dog at that time either, so it at least would have prevented me from putting so much time and effort into getting the do I want now. I told him this but everyone else is telling me I am being selfish, especially since I haven’t even gotten my dog yet and could just not get him.

They say that i should have thought about that and asked before I signed thee lease, but I just assumed since the rental said it was pet friendly that everyone would be okay with pets. I get that this guy cannot control his allergy, and did not know someone would be bringing a pet, but I can’t help but think this is because of his lack of communication, and not on me. Am I the A**hole?

Here's what people had to say:

MintydoggoSTEVE asks:

Is the dog hypoallergenic?

YTA, if his allergies are that bad, then he will definitely have a reaction. If you want the dog that badly, move somewhere else.

thromeaway003366 OP responded:

No he is not, he’s a Boston terrier

Bite_Me_16 asks:

I'm very concerned about something and I need clarification.
Are you planning on keeping this dog in your own bedroom and your bedroom ONLY?

thromeaway003366 OP responded:

My bedroom is pretty large with a nice balcony. I’m working from home 3 days a week and going in two days a week, so I am planning to take my dog out to the park/ cafe those three days and working from my laptop there.

MaybeAWalrus writes:

YTA for multiple reasons. First, allergies or not, you need the approbation of ALL people living with you before getting a pet. Even if it stays in your room. It's their house too, they have a say.

Second, poor dog. Being limited to only one room, except for walks, will make him a very bored dog. The dog deserves better than this. Wait until you have a place of your own where he'll have enough space.

SparklePants_Weasel writes:

And third...just because the rental is pet-friendly doesn't mean your housemates would be. OP didn't check with them first so I agree with the YTA

OokiiStaR writes:

It's 4 months. Ride out your 4 months and get a dog when you move on. The dog restricted to the room just made me so annoyed. That's an awful life for a dog, which lets me know you might really be ready for a dog just yet.

Use the 4 months volunteering at a dog shelter and understanding dogs and restrictions so you get a better appreciation for what dogs need to thrive. You'll still be getting your doggie feels by caring for dogs who need it.

VeeVeeLa writes:

Why would the roommate rent a place that is likely to have pets knowing they have a severe allergy?

celestial_2 writes:

I get that it may happen, but if I was extremely allergic, I would not be signing up to live in units where pets have previously lived.

thirdtryisthecharm writes:

YTA. You don't tell roommates you're getting a pet, you ask if it's okay. This is a shared housing situation. There is no way for this to not affect them.

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