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18 scams that society turns a blind eye to.

18 scams that society turns a blind eye to.


There are scams aplenty out there. While there are definite scams that we all agree are scams, there are some we all just let exist. Check-in on your parents to ensure they aren't getting flimflammed by someone selling them on their expiring car warranty.

People share the biggest scams that society allows to continue on a popular Reddit thread in the Ask Reddit Subreddit.

1. Cmsmks says:

A fee to pay your bill.

2. Bogacki says:

That health insurance doesn’t cover your eyes or teeth.

3. rebelshirts says:

Arbitration clauses in almost every service provider contract. Tricking you into giving up your access to the court system. Nobody talks about it, but they should.

4. Silent_Pudding says:

Unpaid lunches that extend your work day.

5. thatshisjob says:

Convenience fees on electronic payments.

6. Sweetknees66 says:

The price of printer ink.

7. darrenturn90 says:


8. Sbeaudette says:


9. TeachingRadiant3271 says:

College bookstores.

10. whynotoopsthatswhy says:

TurboTax. They lobby the government to make it difficult to do taxes without their software. I lived in the UK and it took literally 15 min to do taxes on bad government software.

11. Aware_Cellist_7032 says:

Claw Machines.

12. AbleStudent says:

Proof of consistent rent payment does not improve your eligibility for a mortgage.

13. msulliv4 says:

Luxury skincare. Go to a dermatologist. Pay less. Get real results.

14. TwoArmedWolf says:

For profit prisons.

15. loomdog1 says:

Political promises.

16.halfwayright30 says:

Middlemen/Brokers eating up the profit and inflating the prices in pretty much every business.

17. ExLaxExtreme says:

Not as accepted as it was, but the idea that alcohol is safer than other illegal or recently legalized substances.

18. Eldritch50 says:

Paying tithe to your megachurch. Fair enough if it's a little country church, but f*ck the big ones raking in millions.

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