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Nurse fired because patient complained about her surgery playlist. AITA?

Nurse fired because patient complained about her surgery playlist. AITA?


Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News: I've got a bad case of unemployment.

This story comes from a man who went in for a painful surgery and left a nurse unemployed.

TIFU by complaining about the music when a nurse/tech was rooting around in my bladder


So like a year ago, I went to the toilet one night to discover I was peeing blood. Dismayed (to say the LEAST), I went to the urologist and he's like yeah you need a cystoscopy. We did the thing. He found a tumor in my bladder about the size of a matchstick head. We cut it out. Tested. Wasn't cancerous. Something called a PUNLMP. I live to fight another day.

What a relief, right? Well, I still have to get the darn procedure every three months to check to make sure the tumor thing doesn't grow back. It's called a cystoscopy. Anybody who is not familiar with cystoscopies: It's an outpatient thing where they jam a camera up your uretha.

Let's just say... it's not comfortable.

Well this morning, I'm there. The nurse or tech, whatever she's called, is up in there looking around and for some reason she decides to turns on the radio. I don't know why she does it but she does. I like to think I'm a good sport generally so I don't say much but for some reason during this 15-min procedure every song that comes on is just f*cking RIDICULOUS.

I think the first song was 'Shake Your Groove Thang' — which obviously I'm thinking of my own 'THANG' during ¸— followed by 'Cuts like a Knife' by Bryan Adams and 'If I Could Turn Back Time' by Cher. Then 'Cold as Ice' by Foreigner. No tumor this time. She yanks the thing out. I'm relieved. I leave.

I'm like... I can't be the only person on earth who doesn't like this. Oh well. Life goes on. Then, I get a survey emailed to me from the urology company asking about my experience. I think, okay this is probably the forum for this sort of thing.

I leave *very* light-hearted advice on this survey — 'It's a kinda weird to have Cher singing while you're getting a camera jammed up your urethra' or something like that.

Well, not two minutes later just like ten minutes ago, the tech's BOSS calls me to apologize on her behalf and say things were 'handled.' I INSIST that she did a great job and probably wasn't even considering it and that it wasn't her fault and what the hell did it mean things were handled? It wasn't that big of a deal, etc.

The boss tells me they PUT HER ON INDEFINITE LEAVE OF ABSENCE for this. And I'm like 'what the f*ck lady? That isn't fair. Is this something that's happened before? Surely I can't be the only reason.'

'I'm not at liberty to say that,' the boss says. And then I guess because I copped an attitude with her, she gets off the phone.

I feel terrible. I'm angry. I'm also still in pain after the procedure. Also I'm surely part of a masterclass on what the f*ck not to do as urology clinic. GAHHHHHHHH!

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Except in the most egregious cases, staff are rarely fired for one complaint. It's possible that the cystoscopy tech had other issues and they were looking for an excuse to fire her.


'Cuts like a knife' LMFAO.


This seems to be a thing they should put you into twilight for. If you can get it for a colonoscopy, why can’t you go under for this?


I still remember my awake cysto. Nurse gets me on the table making sure I’m covered the whole time for my modesty as I get my pants off. Then then moment I lay down she whips the sheet off and starts swabbing my nethers.

Then I’m watching the whole time as they’re trying to grab the stent pigtail and missing. And I’m literally like “ummmm. Hey. That thing you’re pulling on is actually bladder wall” After the whole thing when I checked in with him he asked how I did going to the bathroom. My response? “Ok, I’ve just never farted out the front before.”

Oh. And I’m a doctor, so it was really weird being on the other end of it.


You weren't wrong though. That's a pretty intense procedure, at a minimum she should have asked if you would mind.

Is there anything the OP can do to rectify this situation?

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