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16 people share what's scared them the most on the internet.

16 people share what's scared them the most on the internet.


1. MurdOfAxes says:

I found out that my estranged father posted family videos to YouTube without telling or asking anyone. One of them was me as a toddler naked in a bath. One of the most viewed videos was of my mom breastfeeding me when I was a baby.

He also put the full names of several people (me included) in the titles. This only came to my attention because a cousin of mine found these videos by looking up my name.

2. freqkenneth says:

Have family who lives in a small rural town. Wanted to see if there was any YouTube content featuring the town

There wasn’t but I came across a YouTube channel that had a video that was just a featureless screen with the name of the town then repeating the name of the town and 'it’s a wonderful place to live, it’s a wonderful place to live.' in a robotic voice.

The thing is there were HUNDREDS of videos of random towns with the robot voice saying the same thing. Never found the channel again.

3. ThaAlbinoDino says:

Station nightclub fire video. I can't go anywhere with indoor pyro since seeing it.

4. BigStud7 says:

Some guy got caught in a fabric rolling machine. His feet and legs were slamming the ground at a high speed. Just turned everything that hit the ground into a man burger.

5. JackyD05 says:

A guy is driving down the highway with his wife in the passenger seat. In front of them is a truck carrying a load of bricks. At some point, one of the bricks falls off and smashes through the windshield into the wife’s face. This is dashcam footage so you can’t see the aftermath.

But the combination of the husband's blood-curdling scream and the still shot of the broken windshield is absolutely horrifying. That video has been stuck in my mind for a long time now, I hate it.

TW: Talk about suicide for the next story.

6. MarechalDoAr says:

Back in 2015, I had a cousin gone missing. Because of his behavior before that (resentment towards society and suicidal thoughts), his father suspected he was planning to end his life.

So by the fourth day after he went missing, I was in school checking my WhatsApp, and in a random neighborhood group, someone sent pictures of a random dude who jumped from a telephone tower near our house. I'm not into gore, but unfortunately, my phone was configured to auto-download photos, and when I opened my camera roll, I saw my cousin.

It was awful. Ten seconds after I saw the photos, my father called me to give me the news and warned me that people were sharing the photos online, but by that time, it was too late.

7. dubroar says:

Helmet cam footage from a war. During an attack, soldiers got flanked, the camera guy gets shot pretty badly and hears his mates dying in the background, then there are footsteps; a guy comes close and says: oh, a camera, nice!

He grabs it and walks off while filming the trenches with the bodies in there. He yells at his mate; We got them all, I've found a camera, and it's still recording. They both rejoice—the coldest thing.

8. St_Vincent-Adultman says:

The Anthonette Cayedito 9-1-1 call! She was kidnapped from her home in the 80s at age 9, and there was a phone call from a girl to the police claiming to be her, and a voice in the background yelled, 'Who said you could use the phone!' Before she screams.

A girl that looked like her was also seen at a diner. She kept dropping her fork and grabbing the waitress. A note on a napkin said, 'help me' and 'call the police.' It’s so sad and terrifying.

9. FocusRN says:

Saw a video of a girl making a Snapchat of her and her sister drunk and driving recklessly on the highway. The video ends, and then begins the next video of her recording the crash of her sister in agonizing pain and moaning.

10. CosmicCorpses says:

I vividly remember finding a live stream website streaming hidden cameras in public toilets when I was probably 10 or 11. I was morbidly curious and watched a few thinking it was fake but realized that it was, in fact, not. I was so young that I didn’t know what emotion to feel.

It was posted sexually, yet it was so disgusting to see people casually in a private situation like that. Since then, I’ve been horrified by cameras in public toilets or the bowl of portapotties. The internet is a very weird and horrifying place.

11. UNMENINU says:

I was looking up hypnosis videos one day. I was super interested so I found one and completely committed. Staring into the void, music blasting, trying to get hypnotized. Then BOOM exorcist face screaming at me. I know this is a thing but it was a long time ago before these videos took off.

It changed me. It was essentially the video game trick but with a hypnosis disguise. I think it was extra terrifying because I essentially let all guard down to be hypnotized. I jumped up and ran outside of my house. I was shook for a while. To this day I can’t see that face without chills. This was 20 years ago.

12. asharamaru69420 says:

I saw a YouTuber doing a vlog near where I lived, and I joined and saw myself being directly recorded from a direction I didn't identify for a solid few minutes until I realized that the camera was looking directly through my window and at me not horrible but not fun to find out that there is a camera you had absolutely no idea about was recording you.

13. Glitchykins8 says:

When I was 12 to 14, the internet was still not crazy everywhere, and RuneScape was new. I could only play it at the public library. I would sell my runes because I needed every. Single. Cape. I would rather buy them than hunt them down.

One of my buyers started chatting a lot, and he was funny. We would mine runes together for hours and chat about me. I learned internet lingo from him, like a/s/L. He asked if he could send me cool Gameboy games, so I gave him my address. He asked if I needed money, so he sent me a few bucks at a time, and I thought it was cool that he had folded them into the shape of hearts.

We talked every day after school, five days a week since I couldn't access the library on weekends. He asked me after a few months if he could hang out with me, and I said that would be fun.

My parents saw me buying stuff and asked where I was getting all the money, and I told them about my cool new friend. I kept getting upset when they said no more RuneScape, but I still got to go to the library because they liked that I would be in a public space while they were still at work when school let out.

They told my best friend's mom about my Internet friend because she worked at my school, and she noticed I figured out how to play RuneScape on lunch break on the computer in homeroom. About a week after my Internet friend didn't show up for our mining session, I noticed that my money letters had stopped too.

Then one day, a few years later, I found out my parents were helping another pair of parents with their kid who met a stranger online and that they had experience catching 42-year-olds from Florida trying to hang out with middle schoolers. I was pretty upset they took away my heart money. I wanted the new fire emblem

14. Crap_Sally says:

This strange video is where a clown is standing in a room, and then the sound gets so weird. It vibrates, and I think it just repeats a name. It was so strange. I was both laughing and terrified. It looked like it was filmed in the ’90s.

15. Alveryn says:

The incel forums. I went down the rabbit hole of trying to figure out just what makes those kinds of folks tick—stumbled upon their forum, and just yeah. The absolute scummiest scum of humanity gathering in one place just to echo chamber their own hatred of not just women but of everyone that doesn't feel how they feel. Legit scary to think those people might be my neighbors or colleagues.

16. ViewFromHalf-WayDown says:

I was watching Netflix the other day, and the screen cut to black and for a split second I saw my reflection. Absolutely terrifying.

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