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'Entitled' principal 'abducts' student he assumes is skipping class.

'Entitled' principal 'abducts' student he assumes is skipping class.


Some people should not work with children. Full stop.

When a man encountered such an individual who was holding his niece hostage, he did everything he could to protect her. The weird part? The educator didn't believe he was doing anything wrong... by kidnapping. Here's the story from Reddit:

'How an entitled principal abducted my niece since he thought she was skipping class.'

hicctl writes:

First a little explanation: here in Germany, the school system often starts their summer vacations at different times (the biggest reason being chaos in the highway system if everybody would want to drive to summer vacation on the same day).

My niece is from Bavaria, I am from Baden Wuerttemgberg. Her summer vacation started a whole week earlier the ours, and she came for a visit with my brother and her siblings.

It was in the morning, and we decided to take doggo for walk and go to the bakery on the other side of the street of a big school complex. I went in, she stayed outside with doggo, Í came back out and she was gone.

That's never a good sign.

Let us introduce our protagonists: PP is principal piss-ant. N is my niece. I decided to call her on the cellphone, and this was the talk:

N : Thank god you are calling.....

PP (Screaming in the background) : how dare you take a phone call while I am talking to you, you are in enough trouble for skipping class....

I later found out he ripped the phone out of her hand, and must have hung up. I realized what must have happened, and went into the school to clear up this misunderstanding, and go right away to the principal's office hoping she would either be there or soon be brought by a teacher.

And then...

Outside, I already hear him screaming at her.

PP : Stop giving me a fake name and stop lying, you won´t get out of here until i have the truth, and I promise you this will be mentioned in your school certificate (We have grades for general behavior here, and teachers can also write a comment in there. It is something employers care about if you look for an apprenticeship for example).

OP doesn't hesitate.

I did not bother knocking and went right in.

PP : Who are you and how dare you just come in here without knocking?

Me : I am this girl's uncle, what the hell do you think you are doing here? She does not go to your school!!!

PP : Ah I guess you where the one on the phone. Nice try, but you will not help her trick her way out of this. I will get to the bottom of this, and I will only release her to her parents. Now get out of my office or I will call the police and have you arrested for trespassing in a school.

(School are protected places, so you get in way more trouble here for trespassing then usual)

Me : I will stay right here to protect my niece from your crazy ass, and calling the cops sounds like a really good idea, after all you have abducted my niece.

Literally, though!

So I did call, and told the police that my niece got abducted and to come to the principal's office asap.

PP : Do you really expect me to believe your fake phone call?

Then he started to shout at my niece again, who was in tears by now.

ME : STOP F*&^ING SHOUTING AT MY NIECE, you will not address her till the police is here, or I WILL shut you up!

PP : That is it, I am calling the police now to have you arrested and finally find out her real name.

Lmao, oh please do.

So he called the police, only to find out I actually did call the police. Suddenly he was not so sure anymore, and you could tell the cogs in his head were finally starting to turn.

About 5 minutes later the police finally arrived, and they asked us separately. Here is roughly what my niece told the cops:

She was waiting outside the bakery, when PP came unto her like a bat from hell. He screamed at her that he is really fed up with people skipping school the last week before vacation starts, and will make an example out of her.

Before she could get a word in edgewise, he grabbed her by the arm really hard (hard enough she got a bad bruise for over a week), and that is what started to get him into real trouble.

Turns out, bruising children is a big no no.

The cops also took her data, and confirmed she is from Bavaria. They then asked us if we want to press charges, and I said throw the book at him.

PP heard the police saying press charges and suddenly realized he was in real deep sh*t, so he came over.

PP : Hey this is just a misunderstanding, you have to understand I have to be strict with people skipping school...

Me : If by being strict you mean assaulting a 12 year old so badly she has a handprint from you on her arm that will create a huge ruse, abducting her from my care, and wrongfully imprison her in your office while screaming at her and scaring the beejezus out of her, then no I DO NOT HAVE TO UNDERSTAND THAT!!!

Well, when you put it that way...

PP : Please you are completely blowing this out of proportion, I could get suspended without pay over this, and even lose my job.

Me : GOOD. Anybody who treats a scared 12 year old girl like that should never again get to work with kids.

In the end he really did lose his job, and I am very glad he did. During the investigation it turned out he was a sorry excuse for a teacher, who belittled kids, who always took the teachers side no mater how wrong they where and even had slapped kids on several occasions.

Looks like OP did everyone a favor.

He went to court for assault and attempted abducting, plus wrongful imprisonment, plus a few more bodily harms against students.

He lost job and pension, got 2 years on probation and 500 hours community service with the stipulation it could be nothing that involved kids. He was also forbidden to ever work with kids again.

Sometimes stories really do have happy endings!

And this is one where a little schadenfreude is absolutely warranted.

Sources: Reddit
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