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People share the outrageous stories of 'that one kid who got expelled' from school.

People share the outrageous stories of 'that one kid who got expelled' from school.


Everyone can think of the one kid from their school who got expelled — and it's usually a pretty goood tale. Below, a handful of the best from Ask Reddit.

1) From Cflynn00:

Running through the cafeteria at lunch naked with a backpack on that he set on fire.

2.) beito14159

Planned a food fight that turned into a riot with property damage and then fled from the police

3.) Call_me_Dennis

One guy got denied a bathroom 3 times in the 90 minute class. He walked up and peed in the trash can. He was expelled.

4.) Sol-Blackguy

Guy grew up doing Muay Thai, boxing and wrestling. Forgot where he was during a wrestling match and threw a spinning back fist that knocked his opponent clean out. He was completely mortified once he realized what he did.

Straight A student, star athlete, and genuinely good guy. The class president even addressed it and organized protests and walk outs until he was reinstated. Even the guy that got knocked out and his parents forgave him and supported us.

He did get reinstated but wasn't allowed to wrestle or box anymore. Not sure what the coaches pulled to allow him to play football. He eventually quit football too his senior year and was never really the same.

5.) WiscoBikeTourBest

Stole an exam from teachers office. Teacher waited to see who else he gave it to. Both kids expelled.

6.) david4460

The final straw was when he lit a cigarette in French class and refused to put it out. Smoked it all. He was 13. I see him every now and again and he’s a mess

7.) Lady-Poizon

For spraying the fire extinguisher in the principal's face after he called him short 🤣

8.) crashsaturnlol

He started a fire in some backpacks. This was in elementary school like 91-92ish and we were in like 2nd grade. After that no one was allowed to go into the hall unattended (backpacks were in a weird corridor in the hallway outside the pod of classrooms).

9.) IPB_5947

This is one of my favorite stories:

Setting: high school in a rural area many years ago We were seniors

I'm in welding class one day and I overhear a couple kids talking at one of the welding stations(booths with concrete on 3 sides, open top, and a curtain behind you). I hear them talking about welding an object to the metal welding table.

Of course I'm curious so I peak around the corner and see they are both looking at a spray bottle of pressurized axe body spray. I immediately realize this will go poorly, being a pressurized and flammable substance. So I butt in and say that's a bad idea.

Both these idiots cut me off and tell me to f off (I played football against them and their rival high school and we never got along super well) So I said whatever f you guys too and walked across the room where I can see the teacher and their booth and made myself look busy while watching these clowns.

Sure enough(I didn't think they'd actually do it)I see the curtain shut, spark spark and boom! Flames shot out the top about 10 feet and this idiot comes busting out of the booth like a character in a cartoon hair back up and singed soot all over his face and a big look of shock on his face.

Teacher was red faced and yelled at this moron for a solid 5 minutes and stormed out with both these guys. Last I heard they were expelled from that school.

I will never forget that smell. Axe and burnt hair

10.) AdamentPotato

The dude smoked in the school’s pool area, claiming “the chlorine would mask the scent.”

He was caught within 5 minutes of sparking it LOL, idiot.

11.) OldSamSays

Calling in fake bomb threats

12.) hobohobbies

Sold dried parsley to unsuspecting kids.

13.) dremily1

My neighbor across the street was three years older. Practically a God to us. He was a very funny guy who also was a very good drummer. One day in the spring of his senior year he decided to pull a fire alarm at school. That was it.

He was expelled. He eventually got a GED but this was when they were first starting out so it took a couple of years. The last I heard he had been briefly married and divorced and was working as a cashier at the local drugstore and was living in his mother's basement.

14.) Benjamin_Dover-

This kid came to my school because he was expelled from his old school. He hacked into the school system gave them a virus.

15.) HarryDresdenWizard

Dude got in a fight with a teacher who publicly shamed him in front of his class for 'not caring'. The dude was dyslexic and struggled to read aloud in class. Didn't have any more apathy than 60% of teenagers in a mandatory class.

I work as a teacher now and I still think, while extreme, she had no right to do that to him.

16.) crystalsinwinter

Shelly was a girl in my sister's grade when we were in high school. It was a VERY strict Christian school. Shelly and Chris got caught kissing on campus. They got expelled and all of us in junior high and high school had to congregate for a student assembly so Chris and Shelly could each publicly apologize in a speech to all of us for kissing on campus.

Years later, there was understandably a state of upset among other students as two teachers were caught French kissing on campus while others kept walking around them. And nothing bad happened to the teachers. Rules for the kids but the adults did not have to follow the same rules.

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