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16 disturbing secrets people shouldn't have shared.

16 disturbing secrets people shouldn't have shared.


Getting close to someone means you feel more comfortable being vulnerable with them. Sharing intimate details about your childhood, talking about dating, and sharing disturbing secrets that you probably shouldn't share with anyone.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Ask Reddit Subreddit, people share some of the most disturbing secrets people have told them.

They write:

1. ItsLocked1993 says:

I was pretty close with my youngest uncle growing up, at least in pictures (he was in his mid-20s when I was like five for context). One day when I was in middle school, he stopped coming around completely. My entire family told us, kids, that he was backpacking around the nation.

In high school, I was going a genealogy project on my grandfather (his dad) and accidentally found my uncle's name on the sex offender registry. Come to find out, he was running a CP ring and had served 16 years in federal prison. He’s out now, and my family pretends nothing happened. I stay far away.

2. crosstherubicon says:

A work colleague appeared on the front page of a national newspaper for a life of fraudulent qualifications. He claimed medical and law degrees, was a brigadier in the army (reserves), and was the CEO of a major health fund. He was a Brigadier in the army reserves, but that and the heath fund role were largely built on fraudulent qualifications and a progression of jobs based on these claims.

In reality, the only qualification he held was as a mortuary assistant. Not even his wife knew. The fraudulent degrees had been gained when he was in the army reserves recruiting and had access to submitted position applications.

He came undone when he applied for a government job, and the recruitment people raised some flags. He tried to withdraw the application but didn’t realize that an application for a government role has the same weight as a statutory declaration and cannot be withdrawn. It all went south very quickly, and he ended up doing jail time.

3. jemstar87 says:

My mom received birthday cards with money in them for years from her parents. She kept the cards with the money in them, saving to buy a piano/sentimental reasons. My sister, who has repeatedly stolen from family members, found the collection of cards/money and took them.

My mom only wanted the cards back when she realized what happened. My sister denied everything. F*ck you, Emily.

4. Local_Pineapple1930 says:

I discovered that one of my uncles didn't want to return to Korea when he retired because he couldn't - he feared political reprisals if he tried to return.

It turned out his brother was part of the group that assassinated the S. Korean president back in 1979, and his innocence was never proven, so he feared getting arrested if he ever tried to go back.

5. Doge-Poop-Bag says:

My great-grandmother was married to three different people at the same time. The men were from different military branches; she was collecting all three of their paychecks at a time.

6. daveypump says:

When my Grandfather passed away, we discovered that he did not exist. His name was not in any government registry. He was a normal citizen, paid taxes, had a license, and everything.

I lived a long life, married my grandmother for over 50 years, had multiple children, and everything was normal. Still, no one knows who he was and why he had a false name.

7. Of-an_afternoon says:

One night as a kid, I heard my parents having an explosive argument in their bedroom, which suddenly went quiet (the door was closed and locked). During a drunk phone call from my mother, I found out it was because she attempted to shoot my father in the face with a .303.

The gun didn’t go off when she pulled the trigger, as there were no bullets. They were both horrified and just stared at each other. They’re still together.

8. helloheyhowareyou says:

I wasn't close to this person, but I did hang out with them a few times. The best man at my wedding had another close friend who became a serial killer.

It messed him up badly. He already had mental health issues, which sent him over the edge. I can't even talk to him anymore. I miss you, man.

9. Govcheeze99 says:

I graduated boot camp and wondered why my brother wouldn’t talk to me; he was f*cking my ex while I was there instead of delivering my letters.

Guess guilt ate him up, and he thought it was simpler to keep up the lie and not have a brother right up until an old friend from my hometown told me what happened.

10. Zoe_eliza4 says:

My coworker lets her dog hump her leg every morning till 'he releases' while she has her coffee which has stayed with me since I heard it. I can’t think of anything else when they talk to me

11.jimmypfromthe5thgala says:

My brother was stealing money from our father, who had dementia. This went on for a year, and I only found out about it because the bank that had my father's mortgage called me, wondering why it hadn't been paid in six months. My father's bank account went into the negative around this time too, and when I confronted my brother about it, he said, 'Well, I gotta pay MY bills.'

I was about to take control of all the accounts and make sure it got back on track, but my father ended up in the hospital and died shortly after that. My brother also stole some of my inheritance too. In the end, he stole over $5000 from his dying father.

12.TinktheChi says:

After my husband died in 2020 I found out he had been having an affair with a 30 year old, (he was 55), she apparently aborted his baby, everything he told me about his prior life was a lie (second marriage for both of us) and he had been having sex with men since he was in his early 20s. To sum it up, I didn't know this man at all. We had been together ten years and married for six.

13. TickledSick says:

My best friend confessed to me that he has a child as a result of a long distance affair in another country. He has three kids in the US and is in a toxic marriage. His wife doesn't know

14. Rimirilar says:

My grandfather beat someone to death. My dad was an only child, but my grandmother was once pregnant with my dads younger brother. When she was six months pregnant, someone in construction equipment ran over the car she was driving and she lost the baby.

While she was in the hospital, my grandfather found the guy and beat him to death. From what I understand, he was in jail for about a week before he was released. Apparently, he claimed temporary insanity due to the circumstances.

I learned all this about four years ago when my brother was researching family history and asked my grandfather about it. I've always seen him as a nice, little old man.

15. Boredum_Allergy says:

Just found out the other day that it wasn't my neighbor's dad who senselessly shot and killed my dog. It was his son. Who I was close friends with. He did it on purpose.

He knew how much that dog meant to me too. I also found out the other day where he lives. He's a meth head now, so I'll let nature or the police do their thing.

16. Starlined_ says:

So my grandmother (who’s been estranged from my family for a long time now for a MULTITUDE of reasons) has this weird thing where she has to share food with people. Are you ordering steak at the restaurant? Oh boy, she has an order the same thing even if she doesn’t like steak.

Try her drink, 'It’s perfect!' Take the first chicken bite to tell her if it’s 'any good.' This always really annoyed me cause I hate sharing food. One day I brought it up to my mom, who said, 'Oh yeah, grandma is afraid of being poisoned, so she wants other people to try it first.'

SO LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT, GRANDMA THINKS SOMEONE IS TRYING TO POSITION HER, SO SHE HAS ME TRY THE FOOD FIRST??? And it makes so much sense looking back because she literally would not take a bite of anything she ordered until someone else had a taste first. Thanks, grandma.

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