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9 people confess their 'true off my chest' secrets. They don't want advice.

9 people confess their 'true off my chest' secrets. They don't want advice.


There are plenty of places on the internet for people to ask advice about complicated social situations. But at Reddit's 'True Off My Chest' community, people don't come for advice.

They come to reveal the secrets they haven't told another soul and never could. It's a place for stories about deception, cheating, and murder — and, weirdly, some of them are kind of sweet. We've collected some of the most popular stories over the last year, below.

1.) 'Six years ago I switched my wife's cat with a more well-behaved lookalike.' -- deleted

Six years ago I swapped my then-girlfriend, now-wife's cat with a more well-behaved lookalike.

She had an all black cat that was extremely aggressive. It scratched everyone, hissed at everyone, and didn't use its litter box half the time. My wife insisted she could get it to behave better. One week she went out of town to visit her family and I was supposed to go to her apartment and feed it.

The first night I went over, it scratched the sh*t out of my arm. I joked to the cat that it's not special and I'll replace it if it scratches again. The joke stuck with me until I had thought about it enough that it wasn't a joke.

The next morning I went to the local animal shelter. Found an identical cat who was already litter box trained and acclimated to people, but was a little skittish (its old owner died of a heart attack and the animal shelter people said they think that's why it was skittish).

But overall, it was a lot friendlier and better behaved, and the skittishness would help it resemble the original cat.

So I adopted it, took it to my wife's apartment, settled it in, then drove her original cat to an animal shelter a town over (I was paranoid my wife would find out if I took it to a local one).

It's been 6 years since then. We got married 4 years ago. We still have the swapped cat. It answers to the original cat's name. My wife knows nothing. She loves this cat and brags about how much better behaved it is. Every time I see it, I feel like a total piece of sh*t.

Edit: For the people saying the other cat was likely euthanized by the shelter, I just double-checked and the shelter I dropped it off at was and still is a no-kill shelter.

2.) 'Tomorrow, I'm going to ruin his life.' -- Clean-Stable-7973

I have been with him for 3 years now. We planned on getting married when our lives settle down. I wanted to start a family with him, I loved him more than anyone else in this world. I've sacrificed so much for him, moved away from my home, turned down jobs so I could stay with him, and stood by his side as he started to go back to school. I gave him my world.

And he cheats on me.

I found out over a month ago. The scumbag got cocky, and I found out he was cheating on me, with 2 different women. One is a TA at his university, the other his best friend's girlfriend. I am livid. I write this post choking back venom. I loved him so much. He was my world, but now he will be the world I burn to nothing but ash.

I pay for everything since he quit his job last year to go to school. I was more than happy to help him, I make enough to support us both. The only upside is the student loans are in his name with no connection to me. It will hurt to push the scumbag out to sea, but I will survive.

I have held out for a month, enough time to create what I call 'the day his world burns.' Tomorrow we are hosting a party. I arranged for his family to come, but my family will sadly not be able to make it.

I have packed everything valuable already, and the suitcase is in the back of my car. My brother will come during the event tomorrow, to take the car that is in my name that the dirtbag drives to my parent's house. The joint account, which is all my money anyway, is already empty.

The event will be great, and he thinks it's for us to announce our engagement to his family. What will happen in reality is I will announce my departure from his life. I have already taken a job out of state, and have lined up a new place to live.

I will start by telling everyone what he is into. The screenshots of him asking his friend's girlfriend to piss on him, and the many other fantasies his degenerate mind came up with will be passed around. I will hand him the notice to vacate, as I have already broken our lease.

We need to be out by the end of the month. I will then end off by informing him I have already reported he was sleeping with the TA for one of his classes the previous semester to the university and that I am sad I won't see the fallout from that. His friend also has a message for him that I will deliver, informing him that his friend group never wants to see him again as well.

And with that, I will leave. I will not look back. I will set his life on fire and walk away.

Here's the update: 'Yesterday, I was supposed to ruin his life.'

They say that hubris is the downfall of man. Yesterday, I planned to ruin his life in front of his entire family. I worked for a month to create the scenario that would cut him the deepest. I had patiently waited for the chance to storm out of his world in a blaze of glory.

And then I hit the front page of Reddit. I realized I had fucked up when he was not answering my texts and had not shown up hours after he told me he would be home. I had hoped it was a happy accident, literally a car killing him before I had the chance.

But no. I don't know how many men in the world are currently cheating on their soon-to-be fiance with their best friend's girlfriend and a TA. However, the one who mattered in my plan found my Reddit post. I called his mother and found out that he had run home to his parents. He told them we had a fight and that we were probably through.

I was, and still am livid at myself.

His mother asked me what had happened as he left out a few details. So I decided to tell her that he was cheating on me with a TA and his friend's girlfriend. I soon heard shouting, before she hung up. I texted my ex that he had until morning to return my f*cking car before I reported it stolen and sent the screenshots of all his texts to his parents and siblings.

My car was sitting in my driveway when I woke up.

I contemplated sending the screenshots anyway, but his mother sent me a heartfelt text yesterday apologizing for her son's actions, and I feel they deserve to be spared from his degenerate actions. I and my father will be moving all my stuff today, and I won't be coming back after that.

I know you'll be reading this you cheating f*ck. You're a cowardly piece of sh*t. Just know I am not above sending out all the screenshots if you ever dare to come back into my life.

Oh, and your ex-friends all know about your piss and scat fetish. I can't control what they do with that information so good luck with that.

3.) 'My wife doesn't know. But once or twice a month after she falls asleep, I order a medium pizza and 8 wings, and I eat them outside in the backyard, by myself, and throw away the evidence before I go back to bed.' -- Rpark888

It's honestly the most exciting thrill that I often daydream about and look forward to. I wake up pretty thirsty and bloated though, lol. UPDATE: I'm going to pull this off again sometime in the next couple days. I'll try to document it with some pictures of all the glory!!!!

I ordered a large pizza tonight instead of a medium because of a coupon, but I went with the thin crust. I like regular crust wayyy better!!! After I polished off the 8 hot wings, I had to tap out after 4.5 pieces. I was just too full. Anyways, thanks for all the love :)

Probably won't be doing many more of these, but, glad some of you enjoyed partaking in my secret plate night indulgences. Love yourself. Choose to be happy. Even if it means not sharing with your wife :)

4.) 'I left my wife because I’m sick of everything needing to match her 'aesthetic.'' -- killicicle

I know it seems like a dumb thing to end my marriage over. But after dealing with this for so long I’m finally done.

My wife and I are both in our 30s. We have a daughter. My wife has always been pretty into appearances but it was never that bad. She just wanted things to look nice when people came over.

Then she started a Instagram page for moms and got a massive amount of followers, about 400 thousand since our daughter was born. Ever since then I feel like I don’t live in a house, I live in an Instagram photo shoot.

There can’t be any proof we actually live here. My wife stresses so much about things looking good that she doesn’t actually enjoy the moment. She started a fight with me right after our daughter took her first steps.

All because I had put my drink down on the table behind her and it’s “all she could see” and how she’d need to edit it out of the video. She called me a selfish prick for putting my drink down on a coffee table to watch my daughter take her first steps.

Our daughter's bedroom is just a mass of beige and cream, there’s barely any toys in it which was fine while our daughter was small but now she’s getting older. My wife refuses to buy her any toys that don’t match her “aesthetic.”

My mother took my daughter to the store and let her pick out a toy, she picked out this doll house from this show she watches, she got all of the dolls and furniture, and my wife told her she had to keep it at my mothers house because there was “no place for it at home” (she absolutely had room for it).

My wife is convinced I’m leaving for another woman, I’m having an affair, etc, but I’m not. I just can’t keep feeling like I live in a museum where I can’t touch or move anything, I can’t even build a blanket fort with my kid without my wife flipping out that they’re “decorative blankets” that she had folded a special way.

I’m not going to force my daughter to live in an “aesthetic”. Editing in, i’ve tried to encourage her to seek professional help, she insists this isn’t a problem and she doesn’t need any therapy.

5.) 'I found out that my boyfriend of 2 years is married and has kids, I'm showing myself to his family tomorrow at his church.' -- Throw_awayP9767

Throwaway because I don't want my followers to see this. I'm just so confused right now and need to talk to somebody.

I've been seeing this guy 'Adam, 32' for 2 years. He's from another town but visits me on weekends. I never met his family, friends or been to his town. I know that he works at the church and he takes pride in that.

3 weeks ago, I found out that he's actually married and has 2 kids, I was devastated and in a state of disbelief but most of all, I was mad, especially after I confirmed this via his wife's social media account.

We're still talking and I haven't broke up with him yet... I planned and decided to show myself to his family on Sunday at his church and let them know that he used me and took advantage, I plan on ending it right there and then.

I'm currently in his town staying at a hotel, I'm doing this tomorrow and no one knows except myself. He's still texting me lies, thinking that I'm stupid or ignorant.

I feel terrible but something's pushing me to do this. Don't know if it's anger or feeling bad for his wife and kids... I just... I'm not gonna lie I'm worried this might backfire at me. But at this point I have nothing to lose, I just feel like I need to get my respect and dignity back after being lied to and fooled for 2 years.

6.) 'I hired a male sex worker for 2 hours just to hug me and hold me and I gave him flash cards of what to say to me.' -- throw8784

I'm a 22 year old female. I'm introverted, I had one boyfriend who cheated on me 8 months ago and since then found it incredibly difficult to socialize. Not that many people made an effort.

I'm simple, I don't have social media, I have a few friends but they don't really speak to me much. I'm average looking. Pretty insecure since my breakup. Im in college and on weekends work a 12 hour shift at a fast food restaurant to make ends meet.

I dont know I felt really lonely, so I knew of a guy who works with me who told me his friend is doing sex work. I found him on Facebook and he told me how much he charged. Also asked me a bunch of questions about my sexual health. I never planned on sleeping with him I just didn't want him to find me weird.

Anyway we met at a hotel, I told him I didn't want to have sex I just wanted to be held and given words of affirmation and care. He agreed and I paid him. I gave him flashcards.

They all said things like im proud of you, you're doing so well, you're strong, did you eat, are you okay, I know you can do it, etc etc. And he just held me until our hours was up and then I bolted and I feel so ashamed and had to tell someone. But I don't speak to anyone so here I am.

Edit: thank you all for the kindest words and making me feel better and less ashamed. Yes thats me immediately upvoting. I'm not good with words, so please know I appreciate it more than you know. Thank you so so much.

7.) 'I'm a chef and I've been living a lie about the quality and authenticity of my food' -- Mission_Issue_9198

I'm a personal chef for a upper class family in the US with a multi-million dollar house who go on many vacations every year. They claim they miss authentic European and Asian food after living abroad for several years.

When I first started cooking for them, I made elaborate dishes that took hours to make, finding the exact ingredients, examining each piece of carrot, potato, or chicken by hand. Finding the right brands and going to multiple grocery stores to find the exact pinot noir to make the perfect red wine sauce. They didn't like it.

I once messed up a dish and had to remake it really quickly, so I took a few shortcuts to make sure it was still tasty. A normally 12 hour dish, I made a quick version of in less than 30 minutes using vinegar instead of red wine.

They said it was the tastiest thing they ever ate. It reminded them of the times they were travelling through some European mountains.

Since then, I've realized I don't need to spend hours making all the food perfectly 'authentic'. I stopped using expensive brands of wine (sometimes I don't even use wine at all. Grape juice or vinegar or even sugar seems to taste just as good, if not better to them).

I've saved tens of thousands of dollars and probably thousands of hours getting cheaper ingredients that have already been brined or marinated, and they absolutely love it.

They even had me prepare larger meals for parties or events, and they'd claim it was authentic French or Italian food. They'd ask me what combination of flour I used to make the pasta that was so clearly hand made (it was 99 cent boxed pasta from walmart).

Or it was clear I used a very particular Pinot Noir for a coq au vin for which I actually just added a little fruit juice with some vodka. Or that the saffron really made a difference in my risotto when I really just used turmeric.

Or how the food tastes so much better when sauces are freshly made with raw ingredients when it's really mayonnaise plus ketchup or some other dumb combination of common condiments.

I just smile and nod. A part of me feels guilty, but not guilty enough to go back to making the more authentic versions that they'd just complain about that costs me way more time and money anyways. I'm more just worried that one day they'll find out, but I've gotten away with it for almost eight years now

Edit because so many people have asked: This was my first job as a personal chef and it was a a side gig. When I took the job, I didn't know how much to charge. They asked what would be the price per meal for their family of four, including getting groceries, planning, prepping, cooking, plating, cleaning, etc.

So everything, including groceries would be included in what they pay me. So the groceries are a business expense. They don't reimburse me for it. It's part of my total fee. Tbh that fee was vastly undercharging for my time and the amount of work I put in initially, as well as the quality of ingredients. Rookie mistake as a rookie cook I guess.

Also, I don't regularly serve boxed pasta lol. It's just one of the examples off the top of my head

8.) 'I think my dad might’ve killed someone when i was a kid.' -- dadondada14

One night, when I (36f) was about 8 or 9 years old, (mid 90’s), my father took my little brother and I to Blockbuster to pick out movies. We left there and my dad stopped at a corner store for some snacks and he parked on the side of the building.

He left me and my brother in the car while he ran in. On his way out, a man came up behind him and held something to his side. My dad, pretended he was going to hand the man his wallet, but he instead elbowed the man in his face and he fell to the ground.

The guy got up and came at my dad with a knife and my dad fought it away from him and stabbed him with it. It was long and that shit went all the way in. The guy let out this horrible groan. I can still hear it. He left the guy on the floor writhing, hopped in the car and took off.

For so many years I thought this was a dream until my little brother mentioned it to me when asking if I remembered. We’ve NEVER brought this up to my father, ever. I’ve always wondered what happened to that guy, but this was way before cell phones and stuff so who knows. It’s crazy the weight that comes off of someone when they say things they’ve always been holding in.

9.) 'I am secretly my boyfriends live stream viewers.' -- WutzReele

My boyfriend has just started streaming and he seems pretty excited about it. He didn’t buy a whole set up yet but live streams whenever he is on. I streamed briefly and know how hard it is to get viewers.

I open multiple private browsers on my personal laptop, work laptop and phone - this way I can have his stream going and it counts as multiple viewers. When he saw 4, he was stoked. It’s only 4 viewers but he was so happy. There’s very little in this world right now that can cause that genuine happiness and expression.

I sit on the other side of the couch with the volume down on all devices and just pretend I’m doing school work.

EDIT: wow! I appreciate the kind comments. I haven’t shared his link because the purpose of this post was to get something off my chest and not “farm subs.”

I believe he is capable of it on his own, it’s just to keep him motivated and I have already shared with friends/family. I also don’t want him to find out. He plays Warzone/vanguard, perhaps you’ll come across his stream in the future. He streams on twitch. I give him 4 viewers not 1,000.

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