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14 people share the products they think have gone way down hill over time.

14 people share the products they think have gone way down hill over time.


Over on the Ask Reddit Subreddit, people were asked what product they think has gone significantly down hill over the years. Here's a list of some of our favorites. What's yours?

1. Fast Food

Hurrrington writes:

Fast Food used to mean cheap. Now McDonalds is the same price as Chipotle. What are we paying for? Convenience? In the 2000s, Panda Express and Panera Bread were just way too expensive. But their prices are now the same as everyone else at $15-20 per person.

Personal_Mulberry_38 writes:

Can you pull ahead and we will bring your order out to you. An eternity later it comes out all cold and gross. Not very convenient.

HotConcrete writes:

It’s because the fast food workers have metrics tracked. They’re penalized for slowness. If they have you pull through you’re off the corporate clock.

sweetsugar888 writes:

The value menu is like 4 things now. A sad burger patty, a few McNuggets and a small fry

bomber991 writes:

They call it the $1, $2, $3 menu but the cheapest thing on it is $1.90 and the most expensive thing is $3.90. No more dollar menu anywhere now.

akajondoe writes:

Burger King and Wendy's had the best dollar menu years back. I would always hit them up when I worked downtown and forgot my lunch. I would take orders around my workplace and pick up everyone's lunch before the food delivery apps.

2. Breyer's Ice Cream

Doctor_Juris writes:

Breyer's ice cream. It used to be really good quality, and they'd advertise how it was made with only a few natural ingredients. Now most of their stuff is 'frozen dairy desserts' because they can't legally call it 'ice cream' anymore, and it all tastes like garbage.

Regnes writes:

If you leave a tub out all night, it doesn't even melt into a liquid. It just changes to some weird foamy texture.

3. Furniture

gonewildecat writes:

Furniture. Everything used to be solid wood. Now it’s all paperboard.

VapoursAndSpleen writes:

I had ikea furniture that fell apart. Over time, I replaced it by ordering American made furniture from real wood. I have a birch bedroom set from Eugene, Oregon, Amish made mission style bookshelves from PA, and four solid oak dining chairs from a shop in Ohio.

4. Appliances

buddypalamigo25 writes:

Almost every household appliance. Sh** used to be built to last for 4 fu**ing generations, man. My grandma's old fridge from the 60's is still running like a champ out in my garage. Thing is built like a tank and gives no f**ks about the long march of time.

These days you'll be lucky to get 5 years out of some appliances you buy, and good luck getting any warranty service if you even approach one with a screwdriver in an attempt to fix it yourself.

NorthImpossible8906 writes:

Exactly! We had a furnace guy come and check out ours which was having some issues. This guy was awesome and hilarious, he was the Albert Einstein of furnace.

He gave us a fascinating 20 minute lecture on the history of all furnace companies, and how he loved our furnace because it was an Amana that was made before Amana got bought out by some other company. He raved about the heat exchange system it had, and said our furnace will last forever. But that the new ones they make are s**t, so never replace ours.

5. TV's

Responsible-Sail1921 writes:

The lack of buttons that tv's have these days. I hate it.

hotdog-92 writes:

Our new tv doesn’t have a single button. If the remote breaks I can’t even get it on.

6. Outlet Malls

tickingkitty writes:

Outlet malls. It used to be a place where you could find designer stuff for cheaper, but now most of it is just crappier stuff made specifically for the outlet.

7. Jeans

Brewnonono writes:

I have GAP jeans, from when I was 14, that are in great shape. Meanwhile, I’ll buy overpriced designer s**t today and I’m lucky if it lasts 2 years. Why is everything so THIN?

Smileyjoe72 writes:

Lots of jeans are using a spandex mix to make them stretchy and more comfortable. You can still buy 100% Cotton jeans actually meant for work but they’re harder to find than you’d think.

8. Shirts

-Tesserex- writes:

I've noticed all the t shirts I get now from most places, regardless of cost or perceived quality, are so thin it feels like wearing a kleenex. A few washes and it's full of holes.

Facelesspirit writes:

This and 2 t-shirts of the same size will fit drastically different.

drinkcheapbeersowhat writes:

I’ve been told the the reason for fitting is simply because they are cheap. Apparently they cut the fabric to size in large stacks (quicker and cheaper), so naturally the ones in top are going to be smaller than the bottom as the fabric stretches from the pressure.

9. Cadbury creme eggs.

cheat-master30 writes:

Cadbury products in general seem to have taken a nosedive in quality recently. Stuff like Dairy Milk, Buttons, etc used to taste far better about a decade ago, likely because of their buyout and formula changes.

pipper99 writes:

The problem is they got bought out by a American company.

10. Dating Apps

justadudenameddave writes:

Tinder and dating apps in general

Treppenwitz_shitz writes:

Gotta keep people on the apps swiping, not matching them up and getting them off the platform

justadudenameddave writes:

Exactly. And you see them remove more and more free features. Tinder had 1 superswipe per day, bumble you had 3 rewinds Per day. Those features have been removed from free accounts.

11. AirBnB

capthollyshortlep wries:

This! Not even 5-6 years ago, it was still cheaper than a hotel room of the same quality, and it was kept by actual people. Now, you're expected to do all the cleaning, plus pay the cleaning fee, and the place isn't even owned by a person--just a real estate agent type deal.

enigmasaurus- writes:

Yep, AirBnb is now run by owners or corporations with a greedy landlord mentality, who act like their customers are tenants. Hotels, in contrast, have a customer service mentality.

12. Pizza Hut

mostlygray writes:

Pizza Hut was the place to be when I was a kid in the 80's. The buffet. The personal pan pizzas paid for with Book-it. Pitchers of pop drank from those weird red cups that no longer exist. Dig Dug, Galaga, and Centipede.

The last time I ate at Pizza Hut was about 15 years ago. Stopped at on when we were driving out to Colorado Springs. So pointless. Nothing special about it. It didn't even have the decency to be bad. It just had no anima. No spirit. No Galaga.

13. Netflix

slimothyjames1 writes:

such a huge selection, but their mediocrity is unparalleled


I'm finding the '... and chill' has gone down hill too.

14. Social Media

nrobi writes:

Social media. Facebook before the news/ads/outrage feed was a really nice tool.

Vegetable-Double writes:

I miss when it was just college kids. It was nice to see how many friends you had at different colleges.

Roboculon writes:

For so long the feed was a legit chronological sequence of nothing but real things your actual friends said. Now it’s like 40% ads, 40% suggested posts and reels from people and groups I don’t know and don’t follow, 15% reposts my friends shared, and 5% real things my actual friends said.

And even that 5% is no longer in chronological order, it’s fed to us according to how much and when the algorithm thinks we deserve a tiny morsel. Oh look what an interesting thought my friend had, 6 days ago….

Let us know what products you think have gone from good to junk!

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