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Reddit rallies around 'mildly infuriated' Trader Joe's customer who told Karen 'no.'

Reddit rallies around 'mildly infuriated' Trader Joe's customer who told Karen 'no.'


Some people don't know the rules of life. On Reddit's r/MlidlyInfuriating community, someone posted their experience with a highly entitled customer in place in line behind them at Trader Joe's (where lines are sacred). Something about this story just really struck a nerve, to the tune of three thousand comments in under a day. You do not mess around in the Trader Joe's line.

'Woman asked to go ahead of me at Trader Joe's'


Just sort of an amusing, but still mildly infuriating anecdote.

I was at the local TJ's on my lunch break from work. I usually grab a few items for lunch. This time was the Cuban wrap, the red and golden beet salad, and a can of flavored sparkling water.

So, three items altogether. I get on line to checkout and the woman behind me asks if she can go ahead of me, as she's in a rush. She has a whole cart entirely filled past the top of the cart. She was also wearing more jewelry than my car is worth, so I'm guessing the maid took the day off and she got stuck with having to do things beneath her status, like be held up by a pleb like me.

I politely declined her offer of being able to wait probably 10 minutes for her stuff to be scanned and then neatly placed in her cart no doubt by the underpaid kid ringing her stuff up.

When it was my turn to pay, she gets the cashier's attention and says, 'Can I go ahead of him? I'm in a hurry.'

The cashier asks me if this is okay. No, no it is not. The woman says something about how ridiculous this is and bumps me with her cart (I gave her the benefit of the doubt and assumed this was accidental as it only happened once).

That's it. I was mildly infuriated and went about my day. I just thought the story was a bit amusing in hindsight.

Like we said, this really struck a nerve. Here were just some of the top comments, because posting them all would take years.


So, the person she wants to go ahead of has said no, so she thinks the cashier is the one who can overrule that denied request? Hilarious.


I've had the cashier bloody say it was ok and I had to butt in and say ah no it isn't I'm next. Pushy people get their way more often than not, hence why they are pushy


That is totally ridiculous. No way would I let someone with a cart full cut in front. In fact, I sometimes let people with only a few items in front of me if I have a cart full.

That lady was an inconsiderate, self-absorbed dick.


'I sometimes let people with only a few items in front of me'

I did that at Home Depot today! The guy behind me had two pieces of trim molding and I had a bunch of boxes of tiling for a bathroom. It costs nothing to be nice!


I would have done the same thing.

Once at Costco as I was waiting in line with a half full cart a man with a single book cut in front me like I wouldn't notice. I politely told him I was in line, and he absolutely freaked out. He kept saying he shouldn't have to wait in line for a single item when people have full carts, then stormed off to another cashier and started yelling and pointing his finger at me.

If he had asked or if I had noticed him behind me with a single item I most certainly would have let him go ahead, but instead he tried to be sneaky, got caught, threw a tantrum, and ruined his own day.

I almost felt bad for him. Hope it was at least a good read.


I went to the post office on my lunch break once… Cutting it close and I had a guy behind me ask if he could go in front of me because he was in a hurry. I told him no because I was also pressed on time. He proceeded to call me a bitch and harass me for the rest of my time in line with him. Some people can’t see outside their own ego bubble.


It is probably good for her personality to be denied special treatment lol


If shes in a rush she wouldn’t have a cart filled to the tippy top. She had the nerve to ask the cashier to skip the line after you declined her request is so infuriating 😨😨 people are nuts.


I would’ve flopped on the ground like a soccer player if she rammed me with her cart.


I would have flipped when she asked the cashier. 'I already told you NO.'


Something similar happened to me awhile ago but I responded sure if you want to pay for mine also. Pulled their cart and found another cashier!!


I work retail and a lady was rushing me with her return and kept being so pushy then she finally said “I double parked outside hurry up!” So she had just stopped in the middle of the road in front of my store and blocked two cars that were parallel parked and thought it was my job to do everything as fast as possible because she parked like an idiot.

I looked at her like “seriously??” And finished her return as normal. She was tapping her foot and huffing the whole time. Entitlement is one of my least favorite characteristics.


The balls you gotta have to ask someone with 3 items if you can skip them while having a whole cart full of stuff. Like, what?


When ever people ask me this I kindly reply with “if you pay me $5 sure” you’d be surprised at the amount of times it works


Haha, I remember once at the TSA line at the airport, someone behind me asked me the same question. -'I'm in a rush'. -'Yeah, me too'. -'Yes but my flight leaves in 15 minutes' -'yes, mine too'. Guy then gave me a stare of death and got all pissy... I ignored him and stood my ground.

Funny thing, I actually missed that flight. First and only time in my life. Always wondered if the jerk behind me made it, I find comfort thinking that he missed his flight too.


When I was younger, like 18 or 19, I walked past some people in a store. I was in a rush for some reason. I guess I walked past people in a way that wasn’t polite and a lady said something and looked at me like, “Wtf???”

I looked at her and in an exasperated tone said, “I’m in a rush!” She looked me dead in the eyes and replied, “We’re all in a rush.” I’ll never forget that. She taught me such a valuable lesson that day. Everyone has things going on, things to do, places to be. I hope you taught that lady a life lesson today. She is not the main character of this world.


Mam I have 3 items. You can wait the 30 seconds.

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