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'AITA for buying something an 'older woman' had hidden in a thrift shop?'

'AITA for buying something an 'older woman' had hidden in a thrift shop?'


"AITA for buying something someone had already 'claimed' in a thriftshop?"

So I (22F) was at Goodwill the other day looking around. On one of the shelves I noticed a basket turned upside down, picked it up to look at it (I was looking for a container to put my jewelry in) and found this really pretty little marble statue underneath. Like one of those ones of a lady with the arms and head cut off. I really liked it and it was only 5 bucks, so I decided to get it.

But this lady near me noticed what I was holding and said "Uh oh. This other lady was looking at that. I think she hid it under the basket so no one else would see it". I asked if she was gonna buy it, the lady said she wasn't sure.

She looked around and said she didn't see the woman anywhere. I felt a little bad, but I carried it around for a while looking at other stuff, and figured if that lady saw me holding it she could come argue with me if she felt like it. After maybe 10-15 more minutes of looking, I was ready to leave and went to the checkout. Right when I set my stuff down I heard this voice say "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?"

And this older lady came up right next to me and put her hand on the statue. I noticed a man was with her, probably her husband. "I was gonna buy this, I hid it. It's mine" she said. I don't like confrontation, but I was also kinda mad that she was already getting in my face. I said "I've been carrying this around and you haven't come up to talk to me about it until now. I didn't know you were set on buying it"

"Well didn't you notice it was hidden? I was making up my mind and I hid it so no one else would see it. And I decided, I'm gonna buy it"

"Someone told me a lady was looking at it, but I didn't know you were gonna buy it. I'm sorry, I'm already getting it."

And we both looked at the poor cashier, who kind of shrugged and said "yeah I mean she's already up here buying it. And you can't really call dibs on something, you haven't purchased it yet". Then the lady's husband gets involved and says "cmon kid, let her have the statue. We're gonna put it on the dining room table. Where are you gonna put it, your desk?" And I said YEP I am because I'm buying it.

They both just kind of scoffed and looked at each other like I was some young punk who had just disrespected them or something. I give the cashier my card, I sign for it, he hands me my bag, meanwhile, they're still standing there. I don't think either wanted to do something as blatant as physically take it from me. The lady said "You want it that bad, even though I already was gonna buy it?

I've been looking for a decoration like this for months. Are you gonna die if you don't have it? And I said "yes, I am" and I walked out cause I didn't feel like fighting anymore. Meanwhile they followed me outside (and lucky me we parked near each other) saying stuff like "no respect!" and "unbelievable!"

And I swear to God I think the woman even said "what a little bitch" before she closed her door

The internet was fully in her corner.

_mmiggs_ wrote:

NTA. You don't get to hide things from other customers when you're "deciding whether to buy it." The entitled arrogance of the sort of person that thinks they can hide things in a shop to call dibs on them, and expect other people to respect that, is beyond belief.

PsychologicalBit5422 wrote:

I used to get similar working in a library. People would "hide" books in a totally different section so they could get them on a different day. Unfortunately, the shelves are checked every morning and out of place books are returned to correct spots. People would actually complain that their book had been removed.

5k1895 wrote:

What the f#$k was stopping her from simply picking it up herself and preventing this issue from happening? She's an idiot for not understanding how stores work.

ZombieBait2 wrote:

Obviously, NTA. They are no savesies at the thrift shop, and you handled yourself a lot better than I would of in a similar situation.

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