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Woman 'loses' it on parents after they pressure her to stop helping younger sister.

Woman 'loses' it on parents after they pressure her to stop helping younger sister.


Setting boundaries with parents in adulthood is no easy task, but there are lots of situations in which it's a must.

It doesn't matter if someone is a blood relative or not, if they're consistently mistreating you or another loved one - that's unacceptable. But knowing that and actually pulling the trigger to go no-contact are two completely different things.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she's wrong for kicking her parents out and telling them off over their mistreatment of her younger sister.

She wrote:

AITA for kicking my parents out of my house after they suggested I kick my sister out?

For context, I have always been my parents' favorite and they unfairly kicked my sister out on her 18th birthday. She did absolutely nothing to deserve it and she was nowhere near ready to live on her own. I have a high-paying job so I let her stay with me until she graduates college or feels comfortable enough to live on her own.

My parents visit occasionally even though I’ve lost most respect for them after they threw my sister out to the streets. I still let them stay but I still had my doubts about them. My parents were unaware I let my sister live with me until they one day asked if I still talked to her. I told them I let her live with me after they wrongfully kicked her out and they looked disappointed to hear that.

They suggested that I save money by not letting her live with me and that’s when I lost it then kicked them out of my house and cut contact with them. Not only did they treat her like absolute crap for 18 years, they had the audacity to ask me to kick her out when they weren’t affected by her living with me in the slightest.

I probably said more than I should have but in the end, I banned them from my home and cut all contact with them. Yesterday, they came over to apologize but she also didn’t want anything to do with them after I told her what happened. Did I overstep here?

People had a lot of thoughts about this situation.

Not_a_cool_username_ wrote:

You’re a good older sibling OP, and they are not good parents. You’re NTA in this situation.

BGrunn wrote:

NTA - Good on you for standing up for your sister! Your parents' behaviour made their bed and now they have to lie down in it, you're not the wrong at all in this!

And remember, you supported your sister all the way up until now, you never know how life is going to turn out, but your sister and you clearly have a good bond, treasure that! You'll be spending much more of your life with your sister in it, than with your parents in it.

iwantfood2k20 wrote:

NTA. Those parents who literally kick their kids out on their 18th birthday will be the ones wondering why they went NC. They must have it out for your sister. Because the fact that they were still trying to interfere with her living situation after they were the ones that kicked her out is insane.

happyabeja wrote:

NTA. You stepped up where they failed and they want to tell you to let her down the same way they let her down? Absolutely not. You're an amazing person and they seem awful for treating her like that. I'm proud of you and i'm glad that she has somewhere safe with you.

After receiving lots of questions about the nature of her parents' relationship with her sister, OP left a clarifying comment.

When my mom was pregnant with her she told me she was an accident, the only reason they kept her is because they knew how much I wanted a sibling and that’s probably a lot of the reason why they’re unreasonable towards her.

I didn’t cut her off immediately because they didn’t know she was living with me and I wanted to see if they would provide an actual reason but they never did and instead suggested I kicked her out of my house once they found out she was living with me.

Clearly, OP is NTA, and her parents have a lot of internal work to do.

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