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Man resents sister's infant; bans her from vacation if she brings the baby. AITA?

Man resents sister's infant; bans her from vacation if she brings the baby. AITA?


"AITA for not letting my sister's kid come on vacation?"


I’m 25M and I have a sister 28F. January of last year I planned a week vacation to Paris with me, my sister, and her husband. Didn’t mind that I would be third-wheeling because we’re all very close friends/siblings. Although we had to cancel due to their pregnancy announcement.

Obviously I was more than happy for her but still asked her why she couldn’t come to Paris since she wasn’t that far along. I respected her wishes to wait and that’s when I decided to move plans to sometime next year (aka 2023). Finally November rolled around and they had a cute kid named Daniel.

Now it’s March and I said to my sister “So you excited for the trip?” With a huge grin she said that she’s delighted to bring Daniel with her. I made a face which she saw right away, “You’re bringing him with you?”.

This led to a very heated argument where she said she couldn’t just leave the baby and I told her maybe Max (her husband) could stay at home with the kid and we could go together. I thought I was going to get to finally spend time with my sister, not some baby I didn’t know.

BOOM she yelled how inconsiderate I was being. “Then you three stay and I’ll go by myself.” I suggested that and even more arguing started. she stormed out and called me an a**hole for saying such ‘flabbergasting things”.

I just thought a BABY would make this not a vacation and more of a ‘you go see the eiffel tower and i’ll stay at the hotel all day with the baby.' Am I really the a**hole?

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NAH I get why you want the trip and time with your sister and she could be more understanding of that. Most new parents don’t want to leave a new baby home, though. Maybe you should go on your own or with a friend on this trip and plan a shorter weekend visit in your sister’s town to have time together.


Its not that they dont want to its that they cant. Newborns literally live off mom. What hes asking is ridiculous. YTA.


Honestly a little of ESH. Who tf brings a newborn on an international trip without a very good reason? Also you can’t control whether she brings the baby, but you can control whether you go with them at all.


NTA - you already cancelled the trip once for the pregnancy and traveling with a baby def changes the whole trip vibe. They should have at least asked you how you felt before just springing it on you. It's a whole different trip with a baby.


NAH. I mean duh of course you don't want to go to Paris with a baby, that is a BUZZKILL. But yeah, she also doesn't want to leave her infant behind. Y'all should've gone while she was pregnant, or y'all need to hold off until she's comfortable leaving her kid behind. Or you need to find someone else to go with.


Yeah, OP needs to realize he isn't asking the same childless married couple he asked last year (or whenever it was). They are parents now. They aren't just a couple, they're a family.

What would you say to this angry brother and sister?

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