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Man goes no contact with my family when brother consistently mocks his profession. AITA?

Man goes no contact with my family when brother consistently mocks his profession. AITA?


"AITA for going no contact with my family because my brother mocked my profession."


I (27m) have a very strained relationship with my family. Especially with my father and brother. Mostly because they think my job is too "girly". I am a makeup artist. Before anyone asks, no I am not gay. I am not trans. I just like the art of makeup and have always drawn towards it.

Ever since I was a teenager I wanted to be a makeup artist or do something in that industry. My father and brother always mocked me for it. Aside from the homophobic comments they would tease me and bully me.

One time my brother broke my mac cosmetic kit when I was 17. I bought that with little money I had saved up from working odd jobs. My dad, instead of replacing it, started praising my brother. Moreover he replaced my makeup kit with cheaper low quality ones by saying it's all the same thing.

I moved out at 18 and only contacted them on holidays and birthdays. I knew if I had regular contact with them they would mock my career. They already do it when I visit them and it is unbearable.

That brings us to today. A few days ago I visited home because it was my dad's birthday. Also my girlfriend has been insisting on meeting my family. I also wanted my girlfriend to meet my family because we are getting pretty serious. And as usual they started teasing me because of my job.

Their comments were homophobic and transphobic. Combined with a bunch of sexist insults. My last straw came when my brother said that I should start another job because painting faces will not get me anywhere.

He compared me to his best friend who sells m3th and said "selling drugs is more dignified than what you do". I told him to shut up. Unlike him, I am not mooching off my father.

He has the audacity to question my job when he hasn’t worked for 2 years and is too lazy to even look for one. My brother took things too far and tried to punch me but I blocked it. If it wasn’t for my dad and girlfriend, they would have to call the police.

After the incident, I blocked both of them. My dad demanded an apology. I just told him to frick off and never expect another visit from me. My girlfriend was upset with me because she thought it was unnecessary for me insult my brother. I just want to know if I did something wrong because people around me are saying I should've brushed it off.

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NTA and honestly? Your girlfriend is upset with you because of what happened when you are clearly the one who was wronged? Lol. Get a new girlfriend dude.


Yep. Go nc with the toxic family, and if the girlfriend is so sympathetic to them, she can go date and financially support the total waste of oxygen that is the brother.


NTA. I watched Face Off and have complete respect for the makeup artists on the show. If you're talented enough to do it for a living, full salute. Also, working a legal job IS dignity.


I always found it hilarious that Jeremy Renner was a make-up artist during his early years before his big break... he even said it helped him during a financial crisis during the 90s. And you see how many attribute him to masculinity??? The second hilarious fact is that make-up was once mostly a male thing, to make themselves more attractive...


NTA in any way. JFC, what a toxic family. Go NC for a while, as you have no need to be subjected to this BS. I hate your family. Go out there and make a huge success of your skill and don't give these absolute cVntbuckets any further thought for at least 5 years.

No birthdays, Christmas or Thanksgiving. Surround yourself with your girl and good friends at that time. Do NOT be guilted back into that house, only go there when they stop stepping over your boundaries. Well done on finding a niche, I wish you the very best with it.

ETA : Make it a condition of your return to the fold that your shizzheel brother replaces that MAC Cosmetics kit like for like, or an equivalent price.

My Junkie brother broke an expensive pair of glasses belonging to me shortly before I went NC with him. He knows full well that to even start a path back into my life he needs to pay for those glasses.


I don’t understand how some jobs are for women and some men when very few of those jobs require you to use genitals. If you like doing makeup, even glamour versus costume, and you’re able to support yourself doing that? Power to you brother.


NTA get a new girlfriend.

So, do you think the OP is being dramatic or did they make the right call here? If you could give them any advice, what would you say?

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