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20 party faux pas that instantly kill the vibe.

20 party faux pas that instantly kill the vibe.


Everyone will go to a party at some point in their life. There are obviously different types of parties, but no matter what the party a bad party foul will ruin the vibe completely. Whether it's a fancy dinner party or a raging house party, you may want to avoid committing these mistakes.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Ask Reddit Subreddit, reddit users list some of the worst party vibe killers.

They write:

1. coolbrys says:

Once, my brother (14) wanted to see how hard it would be to dig a 1-meter x 1-meter square hole out of the ground (Minecraft-inspired.) He spent a good amount of time over a weekend digging until he got bored. It was mostly finished.

Fast forward a couple of months. I throw a party at my dad's house, and we're having a blast. A bonfire out back and everything. A kind-hearted attendee noticed the pit in the ground and made it his duty to guard it, for he did not want anyone to get hurt.

Someone got hurt. Spoiler alert: it was him. HE fell into the pit - our brave guard. Thankfully, we had a sober person there, and they drove him to the hospital, but that instantly killed the vibe at the party.

2. Cheetodude625 says:

Being that one sad drunk who is loud as hell.

3. Akai_Sakita says:

When someone gets extremely wasted and too out of control (starts to pick fights, has drunk fits, will sprawl on the ground, needs 100% supervision, has to be carried around). You just want to chill and enjoy the party, but you can't cause you're stuck babysitting them.

4. MistaLuvcraft says:

I was at a staff party with an open bar, and it reached the time when the first clusters of guests were leaving. When they went to get their coats from the closet, they discovered a young new team member who we thought had left hours ago. He had stripped off all his clothes, made a nest of jackets, soiled everything, and passed out. Killed the vibe for sure.

5. templewater says:

Someone putting the big light on.

6. No-Manner3916 says:

Someone took a dump in the sink at a house party of mine once. That was a buzz killer, for sure!

7. Guerrin_TR says:

A friend of mine announced she had to fart in the kitchen while intoxicated. She proceeded to sh*t liquid diarrhea on herself. It hit the floor, and it smelled terrible. Party ended before it ever began.

Guess she had some stomach bug or IBS or something. She ended up getting diapers for any gift-giving occasion after. No clue where she ended up. We lost touch a year or so later.

8. MrRemj says:

In college, we wanted to wrap up the party at 2 or 3 AM - play Dark Side of the Moon. It drops the energy, no one is being asked to leave, and people are chill as they head out - no crazy disruptions for the neighbors. Not specifically the vibe-killing that the rest of the posters share, but similar.

9. ads5531 says:

Shortage of drinks when everything is closed.

10. purduekid207 says:

Four or five guys randomly walking in that may or may not know the host.

11. TheTacomaKing says:

A couple getting into a public argument.

12.Employee-Number-9 says:

When someone changes a song before the best part, I've done this and got my dumba** ex-communicated.

13. InformalPenguinz says:


14. maybepensive says:

When people take over the TV to share YouTube videos.

15. CaptainHoneydew says:

Pointing out someone's recent bad experience. Someone thought it would be a good idea to loudly ask a girl, 'Hey, I heard you failed your test so hard that you flunked out of your program. Is that true?'

16. Azzizzi says:

Using the party for MLM sales opportunities. I was invited to a dinner party and only found out when I got there that it was a pitch for Amway. When I arrived, I was told there would be a 'short' presentation before dinner. I said, 'No, thank you,' and left.

17. jackyomum says:

Someone trying to show off a weapon.

18. Witch_on_a_moped says:

The crying girl that needs everyone to console her. Get out of the bathroom; there's a line forming!

19. switchypapi says:

When someone turns off the music and starts playing an acoustic guitar.

20. fusion0608 says:

Landing on your car keys when you try to do the splits.

Sources: Reddit
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