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Guy spouts consp*racy theories to get his sister to stop filming him for Youtube.

Guy spouts consp*racy theories to get his sister to stop filming him for Youtube.


In the age of social media, it can be hard to keep your image off-screen.

Even if you're not actively posting on Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram, or other outlets, simply hanging out with people means you might be included in a reel, video, or story. Of course, in most situations, simply telling someone you'd like to stay off-camera is enough.

But with family, well, it can be another story.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a young man asked if he's wrong for hamming it up to get his sister to stop filming him.

He wrote:

AITA for acting crazy and spouting conspiracy theories to get my sister to stop including me in her videos.​​​​​​

My (19 M) sister (21 F) is a 'social media chef' on tiktok and youtube. I still live with my parents while going to college, while sis lives with some friends about a 10-minute drive away.

Even though she does not live here, she comes over 2-3 times a week to film for hours in my parent's kitchen. She will make lunch and dinner for my parents and me, but she insists that she includes us in her videos.

I'm not comfortable with this for a variety of reasons. One of these being her fans have made comments about me that I find highly inappropriate and I don't like. I've asked my sister multiple times to edit me out of her videos, or not film me at all.

She's told me multiple times she would stop but still includes me in her videos and goes out of her way to still try and film me. My parents have also told her to stop, but they don't see any harm in what she's doing so they have taken a passive role in this.

A few months ago, a graphic designer friend of mine offered to make me some 'not safe for youtube' shirt designs for me to order from her and I did. It gave me the idea to start acting a bit unhinged for the platform she's trying to make.

Nothing of this is inappropriate, mind you. I'm not trying to offend. Most of what I'm doing is conspiracy theory sh*tposting. My parents even find it entertaining and my father has joined in as well as he also is a bit tired of being filmed.

Apparently earlier this week, I got my sister's accounts suspended. One of the shirts I got made has a picture of Ted Kaczynski with the word 'Hero' under it, and when she was streaming Monday she turned the camera on me to ask me a question.

I told her to stop and she continued.

While wearing the shirt I said 'Pay attention, people. Covid was created to hide the truth of 9/11.' My sister got mad and shooed me away (despite coming to me and trying to film me) and just continued to be annoying in the kitchen.

Last night she called my parents up mad because her streaming account got suspended because of me.

She also got multiple videos of me wearing that same shirt flagged, putting her Youtube account in jeopardy and preventing her from uploading to it for 14 days.

My parents just told her 'we told you so' but I got into an argument with her on the phone. I fully believe she is in the wrong for filming me, but I learned that this might completely destroy what she's been building for 2 years now.

Despite the filming me issue, I actually am now wondering if ruining her chance at this being her career makes me a giant a**hole?

The internet jumped on with their thoughts.

Gypsy-Nyx wrote:

NTA. She is filming you with out your permission. I have been told that Disney likes to go after stuff like that so maybe you should start playing all the major Disney songs anytime she starts filming you.

Mayalestrange wrote:

NTA, but keep in mind that anyone could save screenshots of you in those t-shirts and make trouble for you in the future.

I think it's hilarious that your sister is now dealing with the consequences of her own inability to respect other people wanting privacy while at home, but am concerned about the potential consequences for you down the line if those images get into the hands of someone who wants to hurt you.

Depending on how spiteful your sister is, if she insists on seeing herself as a victim in this situation, she could send these videos to an employer in the future. If she's twisted enough, it would just be tit for tat for 'ruining her career.'

You'd be better off using tactics that can't be used against you in the future like playing copyrighted music or wearing a t-shirt that says 'I do not consent to being filmed in my home.'

ivyidlewild wrote:

NTA, she did this to herself. No one should be filmed/posted without their consent. She's been told multiple times that you do not consent, and disregarded that thoroughly.

Critical-Joke-597 wrote:

NTA. But your wise cracks could come back and bite. Some companies are checking social media. Something to make your sister stop filming could get passed around and ruin your future. All it takes is a screen grab.

The commenters are in OP's corner, the main concern is whether images of him in that outfit will come back to bite him later down the line.

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