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16 fed-up people share the perfectly legal things in society that shouldn't be.

16 fed-up people share the perfectly legal things in society that shouldn't be.


What makes something qualified to be illegal? If it's dangerous? Unfair? Exploitative? Just plain annoying?

Here are some perfectly legal things that many people think should aboslutely not be:


Increasing the volume on commercials by 20 goddam decibels. - jcro8829


Civil asset forfeiture. - Std_Dev1437

For those who may be unfamiliar (okay, me) with this extremely common practice, has great info.


Sending catalogs to my house without my permission. The quantity of paper that is wasted is unreal. We call to have them cancelled but they keep coming. I have to pay to have my trash collected where I live, so basically those companies are forcing me to pay to throw away their garbage that they created unnecessarily and there is nothing I can do. - vaporeng


'Convenience fees' for paying taxes and bills online. - menege1293


For profit prisons. - The-Silent-Cicada


Child beauty pageants. - getthephenom


Corporations owning single family homes.

Also, sale of my data. I should not have to opt out for a company not to sell my data I should have to opt in. - Gerlon_Two_Fingers


Overselling a plane and putting people who BOUGHT tickets on stand by. - no_tori_ous


Gerrymandering. How the hell is it just for a politician to pick their constituents? It results in more extreme candidates and disenfranchised voters who got packed or cracked. - CeolMor

Here's a detailed breakdown of this rampant problem with a silly name from the Brennan Center.


Hiding ingredients in food by calling it 'natural flavors'. - Vegan_Harvest


Cops can lie to you, but you cannot lie to them. - randomatic


Congress owning stocks in any industry or company they regulate, take money from, etc. Corporations donating to political campaigns. Advertising prescription drugs to customers (the US is one of the only places this is still legal). - diaperedace


Siren sounds on the radio. - 9681468046


Ticketmaster. How is that not scalping? - Hey_Its_Q


Bribery. Sorry, I mean lobbying. - JBEqualizer


Political campaign donations. All Political campaigns should be free to run. No one gets to advertise. Network TV Aires debates in prime time paid for by the taxpayer. - misha_ostrovsky

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