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18 people share the things society views as 'normal' but creeps them out.

18 people share the things society views as 'normal' but creeps them out.


As a society, we've grown to accept things as 'normal' that, when you think about it, maybe shouldn't be normalized. On a popular Reddit thread, people share the things everyone thinks are normal but creeps them out.

1. fuma_puma is hate liking your social media posts.

People making Instagrams for their babies and making captions as if the baby were writing it

2. Broosevelt doesn't like being surveilled.

Every company creates an ecosystem that requires my home address, credit card, and my birthday just to listen to some music or use some software. Not a shred of my identity is unsold at this point.

3. Suspicious_Drive6655 doesn't like reminders of their mortality.

Feeling my own heartbeat

4. Mental_Investigator3 is creeped out by adults that do this.

When people refer to kids/babies as “flirting” when they are just being playful.

5.runningamuck has essential questions for furniture manufacturers.

I think it's weird that most couches don't come with washable cushion covers. Everyone finds that normal, but they would think it's weird if someone just slept on a bare mattress without ever putting a sheet on it.

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