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18 people share something they swear they saw once, but didn't get any evidence.

18 people share something they swear they saw once, but didn't get any evidence.


Seeing something amazing without any photographic evidence can make you feel like a rambling crazy person when your friends try to tell you that the pink UFO you know you saw was probably just Kylie Jenner's private jet...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What is something you SWEAR you saw, but have no proof of?' people were ready to share the creepy, unexplainable, or seemingly impossible things they are 100% sure they witnessed. Yes...the raccoon was really wearing a baseball hat, ok?


I was watching the local lottery draw on TV and vocally called out every correct number before the ball was shown - beatsbeingbroke


A few years ago I saw an enormous black bird on top of a telephone pole. Just sitting there. Looked like a hawk, only twice as big as the red-tails you’ll see all over, and all black.

This bad mofo was either a mutant or came from somewhere else, ‘cause we don’t have hawks or eagles that big around here. Everybody said oh, you saw a turkey vulture, or just a big crow. No, I know what those are. - GoofballMcyoyo


I swear I saw a woman disappear in front of my house. I told my partner and friends exactly what happened in detail and obviously no one believes me, but to this day I know what I saw and I can't think of any way she could have gone out of my line of sight without me watching her move.

She had abruptly stopped outside of my front window and looked really sketchy, so I was cautiously watching her as I was home alone. She looked like she answered a call and then VERY suddenly hunkered down to the ground, which obviously peaked my interest.

There were no other people outside, no cars parked on the street where she was, and nothing to either side of where she hunkered down to that would've blocked me from seeing her. My partner insists that for whatever strange reason she must have crawled away out of sight, but I showed him the outside of my house and made it clear that it would be impossible to do that without me seeing. I will forever be confused. - No-Ad2323


I stopped to take a nap once soo I wouldn’t wreck. I woke up and decided to check my texts and notifications before driving again. I blatantly, plain as day heard a woman say “hey” and thought maybe a cop was approaching my car. I’ll live my whole life wondering what mystic being say hey to me that day. - LostGreyApe59


One time after school, my friend and I were hanging out in her room on the computer, and we heard the front door open and the little 'beep beep' alarm go off when a door or window is opened. We both looked at one another, confused, since both of her parents weren't supposed to be home for several hours, and we both got a weird vibe from the sound.

So we slowly crept to her door, and she literally grabbed a bat, and we opened the door and peered down and over the banister to the living room below, and I SWEAR TO GOD there was a man in a business suit, with a brief case, just standing in her living room; the front door wide open behind him.

And my friend was like, 'Who are you?! Get out of my house!!' And he just slowly looked up at us, like he was totally stoned or confused, and was like, 'Wha? ...... oh...... sorry........' and walked out and shut the door.

That was almost 15 years ago, and we both STILL remember it and talk about it to this day. At least someone else was with me who saw it! - Mychooo


A giant earthworm. It was about two or three inches in diameter. Fucking enormous. I got scared and stomped on the ground to scare it away and it retreated back into its hole. I regret doing that because it was coming out onto the lawn and I could have caught it for posterity. - jenglasser


My cat jumped up onto a shelf that we didn't think he could get to, where we hid his cat food. I walked in and saw him eating it, and someone had left a cracker beside the bowl. He paused, took a huge bite of the cracker, then continued with the cat food. Nobody believed that he ate a cracker. He also ate my sister's chocolate Santa one year. - Vicimer


A few years ago my dad and I went for a run and on this field at night, we both saw glowing red eyes on this man’s silhouette in the field. Not to mention that my dog literally ran up to it, sniffed it and ran… he took me back to my house and one second later it was gone. No clue to this day, any ideas? - Faithcakee


2006. Had dinner at a friend's place. We went out on the patio to look at the night sky. I see a blinking dot of light about us and thought it was a plane at first. But the object never moved. Just as I'm about to tell my friend it shoots off to the right at an incredible speed. No way on earth a man-made object can accelerate that fast. Absolutely no way. - Rayzor_debiker


I was almost in a movie, I met a producer because he was in my beach town scouting for teenagers that look scrappy and he saw me on my bike cut up from the skatepark. I went through a whole audition process and got the part but backed out due to scheduling conflicts with school and hockey.

I was supposed to be in a sequel to a movie about a kid that moves to a new school and there's an underground fight club. I was shown the trailer on youtube in 2010 and watched it so many times. THE TRAILER FOR THE FIRST MOVIE IS GONE it's so frustrating and i have no evidence of the movie whatsoever - iLeDD


My boss and I were out having a smoke, we looked up and saw this bright pink jet. As we were watching, it flew into a small cloud but never came out the other side. There weren't a lot of clouds that day, and none near the one that the jet flew into. - Rusty_Mojo_88


I swear I saw a monkey swinging through trees that were on the side of a major interstate growing up (southern USA). No one believed me but to this day I know what I saw and can't think of another explanation. - lilithneverevee


Random man in a bunny suit in my backyard. Called my wife and she saw it too. Called my in-laws downstairs (they were staying over for the weekend) and they thought we were crazy when we said this man jumped over the fence like a f*ckin deer - jswb


I saw a bird land on top of another bird mid-flight - princeJordan0


Growing up, my brothers and I used to have this running joke about how the neighbor’s kids never grow up. I’m now in my late 30’s and when I went to visit my parents recently, I caught a glimpse of the neighbors outside. Their whole family still looks the same, including the kids who are still kids. I wish I had photos of them from the past to do a past and present comparison. - Kalistoga


A UFO. Was riding in my buddy’s car one summer night on the way from the Bay Area to Sacramento. I had my window open. There were no lights on the highway, just the car’s headlights. Above the car to my right I saw something white fly over the car toward behind us. It looked like a football. I waited until I thought, based upon how fast it appeared to be going, I should be able to see it out the back window, so I turned around to look. Didn’t see it, but my friend said, “Oh, you saw that too?” I said, “Yeah.” We drove on for a minute then I said, “What was that?” Buddy said, “I don’t know.” Drove on for another minute and I said, “What the f*ck was that???” He said, “I don’t know.” We just kind of left it at that - Alpha_State


One time I was on Chatroulette maybe 10-12 years ago. I got connected to Jessica Alba and we talked for 3-5 min before disconnecting. It was super random and cool.​​​​​​-Apprehensive_Fee6629


About ten years ago, I was looking out my grandmother's back door. Two squirrels were playing in the yard. A hawk swooped down and grabbed one. As it was batting its wings and gaining altitude, the other squirrel raced up a nearby tree, leapt off, rocketed down into God's Own Death From Above, and rescued his friend by curb-stomping the hawk out of the air. They both ran away and the hawk limped off in confusion. - Whind_Soull

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