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19 people share the cringiest thing they heard someone say with zero self-awareness.

19 people share the cringiest thing they heard someone say with zero self-awareness.


We all have those memories that give us heart-pounding shudders in hindsight, but it's hard not to be jealous of the people who don't seem to have a clue that their words might have a negative impact on the overall vibe...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What’s the cringiest thing you’ve heard someone with zero self-awareness say about themselves?' people were ready to reveal the most embarrassing, humiliating, or secondhand nightmares they've witnessed come out of someone's blissfully confident mouth.


(After a long speech badmouthing someone) “I’d say it to her face, but I’m too nice.” - iworkwithtableau


My sister is a compulsive liar and a “one-upper” combined. It makes for really awkward conversations. Did you do something fun? Well she claims to have done it AND have a crazy story to spice it up.

The worst was during a small get together at her house. One of the male guests mentioned that he was nervous about an upcoming prostate exam. Cue sister, “Oh, I had my prostate examined. Ugh.' - Missat0micb0mbs


'If someone has a problem with me, they can always tell me, I'm willing to listen!' - said to me by someone who got a restraining order because she couldn't leave sh*t alone and didn't listen to anyone. - SilverCityStreet


This girl I went to high school with was telling me about how her boyfriend and her had recently started having sex. When I asked her if they were using protection, she looked at me in disgust and goes “No, I’m CATHOLIC” - lexisauras


My MIL SIL combo, are pure gold. MIL “SIL has a very musical ear, she is so musical.”

Me.... I’ve heard her attempt to sing and I’m fairly sure none of these notes exist... “I wasn’t aware she played an instrument?”

SIL “ I always felt I would be a great pianist.”

Me “ did you ever play, or take lessons?”

SIL “ well, no. I do feel if I had I would have been great.”

MIL” she really has a very musical ear.”

Me “so she doesn’t play any instruments, does she sing?”

MIL “No, but she can tell when someone is singing off key.”

FML - whatnofood


A friend's wife recently posted a rant on FB about how she's going to speak up when she has an issue with someone and how she fiercely protects her friends and how she's 'whiskey in a teacup.'

All while apparently having a huge issue with me the entire time she's known me and addressed it by talking about me behind my back and being passive aggressive. Bless her heart. - shineevee


One of the worst people I've ever met answered my question 'would anyone like some skittles?' With a lengthy diatribe about the dangers of sugar intake and what it's doing to my brain/body, how she never puts that in to her system...then with barely a pause, asks if anyone had a cigarette she could have. Like, what??? - catfu


My sister in law: 'im the most selfless person. I do everything for others and don't look for my own happiness' As she is eating all the lemon frosting off of the limoncello cake that she knows I drove 45 min to go get at the specific request of my pregnant wife who was sitting watching this occur in horror. - np20412


We were juniors in high school and this one kid clutched a copy of The Catcher's Rye to his chest and proclaimed, proudly, 'This. Is. Me.' Hardcut later to the teacher all like 'So the point of this book is that Holden is an as*hole...' - RCNL


'I never judge people.' and within few seconds, 'Don't you think your dress is a little short.' It was a knee length dress - iknowthisischeesy


My niece telling a story about her in-laws and commenting that she didn't get all the details because she only ever really listens to a conversation when it references her. My husband later remarked that while he always knew, it was still a shock to hear it spoken out loud. - Antsy38


While in the dressing room with like 10 other girls, getting ready for a performance: 'It's so hard being the most experienced person in the room' - slabofmarble


“What do they think I am? Middle class?!” My housemate in university was both rich, and a complete idiot. She was b*tching about not getting whipped cream on her mocha. She later compared it to slavery. - [deleted]


Best friend of 5 years said to me that he is too intelligent to find anyone to have a decent conversation with. Apparently he didn’t realize that I, as another person, may find that insulting. - 2AndAHalfGrandads


“I can’t stand that my friends all worship me. Sometimes I just want a break.' Not even joking. - iguessitsthisone


Immediately after getting up from dinner at a restaurant - 'ugh I've gotta stop tipping so much, I'm too generous'. This is a regular occurence and I've called him out on it before, still hear it lmao. - goose5450


“Nobody knew that healthcare could be so complicated” - Lovebot_AI


'Everything you do is based on the choices you make. It's not your parents, your past relationships, your job, the economy, the weather, an argument or your age that is to blame. You and only you are responsible for every decision and choice you make. Period.' - posted on Facebook by someone who never does anything wrong, just always has bad things happen to them. - [deleted]


Had a gossiping coworker who would constantly go on lengthy tirades and run people down behind their backs. After doing so she would always finish with. “Well... whatever. It’s got nothing to do with me. I mind my own business and keep my mouth shut!” - kazzah69

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