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20 people share something they saw that they've never been able to explain.

20 people share something they saw that they've never been able to explain.


A mysterious shape in the water, a shadow behind the bushes while taking a hike through the woods, or a familiar sound you swear you didn't make while home alone? Human existence on this planet is full of unsolved puzzles...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'People who have seen something they could never explain. What was the thing?!' people who have been pondering the scientific explanation for a strange sighting for years were ready to share.


I fly helicopters for a living. I was working on a powerline one year and was going back to our landing zone and noticed an opening in the trees what appeared to be a leg. I came back and tried to get as low as I could into the clearing, thinking, it was a person, it was a full grown cow that had been completely skinned.

There were no farms around and the animal didn’t appear to be cut up in anyway. I went back to the landing zone picked up one of my Ground crew members and flew back with him just so he could verify that I wasn’t crazy.

The flight back, we were both kind of in awe because we have no idea how that animal got to where it’s at. Even more so that it had no skin on its entire body, it looked like a perfect cow sans skin. - Machismo0311


I live outside city limits, there are very few houses near my home and many tall bushes and trees around the house, there is a small mountain at some distance. The nights are very quiet and there is no street lights so after dark the only lights are the lights from my house and the moon light.

There are two trees a little far from my house that are standing close to one another. One night while I was outside my house with a flashlight doing something I realized there was only one of those trees, I looked around that tree with my flashlight but there was no sign of the other tree, like it never existed.

The next day I went there during daytime to see exactly what happened to the other tree and they both were there just like I remembered. I looked around them and even climbed on them to see anything strange but nothing was out of ordinary. - SuvenPan


I, 13 at the time, was about to go to bed. I was brushing my teeth in front of my bedroom window, staring into the dark, when I suddenly heard someone screaming outside. I stopped brushing so I could hear it better.

Someone was screaming out my name. I sort of froze and kept listening. More voices joined, all screaming my name and laughing loudly. It was kind of like an audience at a sports game. It went on for about five minutes.

When it stopped I (in shock) went downstairs to my parents to ask them if they’d heard anything. it was impossible not to hear as it was very loud. They had not heard anything. I assume it was some sort of a hallucination. Still feel weird when I’m alone in my room late at night. - Sorry_Connection8303


I was standing on the seaside walkway with a bunch of other people watching the sunset. A red orb came speeding down the coastline at like 50-150m altitude. Didnt think much of it until it instantly stopped and speeded back the way it came until it was out of sight.

No noise, too low for a plane or helicopter and wasn't a flare because it was flying fast, stopped instantly and then flew back the way it came. Several people saw it but this was before mobile phones with cameras were a mainstream thing - creativemind11


In college my wife (girlfriend at the time) had a nightmare that her pet iguana (at home with her father) had frozen to death after being left outside. She woke up sobbing and that woke me up. I calmed her down and told her it was just a dream. We both eventually got back to sleep.

The next morning her father called to say that her pet iguana had been left outside overnight and had frozen to death. This wasn't a recurring dream or worry for her. This was the only time it happened. Nether of us can explain the events without the aid of religion or one in a trillion coincidence. - dinosaurco


I don’t know how to put this. But there was a period of time when I would get home from work late at night. During this time, I’d get out of my vehicle and head towards the front door, obviously. But without fail, nearly every night, I would look up at the stars without really knowing why.

I would look at the moon for a long while with no thoughts in my head. Eventually I noticed a bright white light, every night, at the same spot in the sky. A bright star? Probably. A distant planet? Could be. So during my little stargazing routine, I’d look for that bright star. One night it was gone.

And ever since then I stopped feeling entranced by the night sky. Sometimes I miss that light in the sky, but most the time I don’t think of it. Never did find out what it may have been. - holysh*t-i-wanna-die


A few years ago I was staying in Alabama with a friend. One day I was driving down a steep road in the rain and fog, it wasn’t quite night yet but it was getting dark. Within the blink of an eye there was a little girl on the side of the road walking towards my car and I thought I was about to hit her head on and she disappeared. I panicked and turned around and there was no one. I’ll never forget it because my brain just can’t make sense of it. - KnowledgeBig8703


I went to a friend who was a psychic. Yeah, yeah, I know. I joked about her 'skills' with her all the time. But when my birth father passed away, I went to her.

I had not spoken much about my father, posted about him, nor had she met him. He didn't live nearby, his obituary was simple with bare details, and he did not have an online presence.

What she said to me were details no one knew. And I mean details. She said phrases only he would use in anger. She said it in the same tone it was frighteningly eerie. It made me a believer in her.

She called me up one evening to speak to my husband. His mother had a message for him. I passed the phone over, I never heard the conversation, but it shook him. He didn't tell me much, but again, things no one knew. I still joke around about her skills, but respectfully. - 19snow16


Me and my brother saw light coming through a bricked off vent in my house about 20 years ago. It was a powerful light like there was a mini sun in there. Light has never come through it before or since and we both still remember it. - Gutgulper


When I was at University in my second year we lived in a terraced house. I have a history of vivid/lucid dreams, and had just recently at this time experienced a couple episodes of sleep paralysis.

One night I wake up (I think, anyway) and I remember staring at the doorway completely frozen and seeing the shadows of two men there. They were whispering about taking me and discussing whether I was asleep. I remember hearing 'shhhh, go back to sleep.'

It was completely fuzzy and dark and I was in that very much blurred reality stage of not being able to tell if I was awake properly or not. I couldn't move at all, and chalked it up to sleep paralysis and went back to sleep. I wouldn't have thought twice about it except the police knocked on our door that afternoon (I wasn't in, my housemates told me) and said our neighbour had had their house broken into that same night.

The real kicker is that at the time our front door lock was broken- anyone could have come in and left without us knowing. To this day I will truly never know if it was a coincidentally bad day to have a nightmare, or a lucky escape - Status_Ad_1146


I was walking along a park sidewalk blowing off grass clippings. Got under some pine trees and through a break in the canopy an 8-10 pound rock came tumbling out of the sky, bounced and chipped the sidewalk and rolled down into a creek. Weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. - RickPickle5280


As a kid on rainy days, I would grab my umbrella and jacket and play around in the rain, Collecting raindrops. When I was about 11, I was playing outside in my front yard one day, I decided to go into the sidewalk to catch a bit more rain. I then looked into the street, It was a foggy rainy day, but I could’ve sworn I saw someone who looked exactly like me.

Me being a kid, I panicked, ran inside for the rest of the rain, But I was still an idiot so I never really told anyone, Cause I thought that they wouldn’t believe me. - UserThatMakesSince


Setup: I used to be a home health aide for the disabled/elderly. I stayed overnights to help them get up, use the restroom, change, clean them, etc. I used to take care of a man named Mr. M. We kept an old large clock alarm that chimed every hour. Every 2 hours we'd roll Mr. M over, and change his pads. We recorded everything that happened in a notebook by the clock.

Story: It was a usual day until around 2:00 am. I heard the chimes ring (twice) wrote down that I was going in, then went in, wrote what I did (changed his pads) wrote the time I got done, then went back to the kitchen where I sat every night, having my laptop set up to pass the time.

About 15 minutes pass, and I hear the clock chime again... 4 times. I look at my computer, thinking the clock was wrong, and no... 4:00 am. I look at the notes, no new notes. I write that I'm going in I go in to change Mr.M's pads... I walk in, and he looks at me and asks 'Weren't you just in here?' I said yea, then went with changing his pads (they were dry, a rarity).

I still have no idea what happened to those 2 hours. It was like 2 hours passed in 15 minutes. And 3:00 was skipped completely. I was watching a youtube series at the time, and my video would have ended in that 2 hours. I have no idea to this day what the hell happened. - ClaireBear13492


Was talking on the phone to my dad in the garden, about 15 years ago. Saw an orange light slowly come up over some trees behind my house then take off straight up at a ridiculous speed.

Stood there in silence and so did he. Explained to him what I’d just seen and he said he’d just seen the exact same thing. He was over 100 miles away in Manchester at the time. - srsly_organic


A tree fell in front of us while we were driving. It almost killed us. Moments later a group of men dressed in nice clothes just happened to have chainsaws in their car, that was black and black tinted windows.

They started cutting up the tree. We quickly turned around and said 'nope.' I tried to tell myself that it was just Mormons, who happened to have chainsaws in the back of their car. I called my mom the other day to see if she still remembers that incident and she does. - therealdildoexpert


In eastern kentucky when I was around 14 a friend and I were on a walk in the middle of the day when we realized there was two moons in the sky. We watched for around 15 minutes as one of the 'moons' slowly shrink until it disappeared. 17 years later and my friend and I still talk about it. - SlothInATrenchCoat


Middle of the day, I was out surfing just looking to the horizon and I see something hovering in the sky in distance. I immediately thought it was strange because it didn’t look like a helicopter, was more like a shiny metal ball. It stayed there for a minute or so then suddenly shot across the sky at impossible speed and vanished. - Scott_4560


I was staying the night with a cousin on his ranch and in his front yard there was a basketball hoop on a homemade wall like concrete bricks stacked upwards, and we both to this day swear on god we saw what looked like a 8 foot tall coyote standing up against the wall tugging on the hoop, we closed the blinds quick and that was the night we established the existence of the ranch’s very own cryptid. I think we called it like “doom dog” or some sh*t (we were 9-10) - ReddPwnage


When I was a child I was on the floor playing with legos and I looked up and there was a shadow figure lookin at me with what looked like the out line of a hat and even darker eyes with red centers. I remember it like it was yesterday and i was so scared!

I ran screaming to my parents and they had to walk me back to the room to show me it was ok because I wouldnt go back, then i would see it from time to time in the corner of my eye or peering over corners. Then, one day, it stopped. - LeeRjaycanz


A voice sounding like my friend's sister calling out his name from a tree line in a park, me and friend were walking home near the middle of the night, both of us heard it. He was called out 3 times. - Brexrker

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