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16 people share the biggest 'plain lies' they believed as kids.

16 people share the biggest 'plain lies' they believed as kids.


Doesn't everyone know that there's an immortal fairy who collects baby teeth and it's illegal to drive a car with the light on?

Sometimes adults have to bend the truth to get their kids to follow the rules, but what happens when you assume Santa saw you cheat on that Algebra test for a bit too long? So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What things were you told growing up that were just plain lies?' people were ready to share the funniest, weirdest, over all worst false facts they once fell for.


I always thought adults were geniuses that knew everything. I once asked my dad how waves at the beach were made. He said 'whales.' I believed that for years. - InSight89


I was told in like 4th grade science that our blood was blue in our bodies on the way back to the lungs- that oxygen makes it red. - sirreginaldfeatherb3


My dad told me that all lizards are named Russell because they make a rustle noise in the bushes. I proudly told everyone this in class at about age 6. I still remember the blank looks and the teacher laughing. - _stuff_is_good_


I always wanted a cat but my dad was “allergic” to cats. Didn’t discover it was a lie until adulthood! - blondiebam29


If you told lies your tounge turned blue and when we hear the ice-cream van playing it's jingle it meant there wasn't any ice-cream left. - Impressive-Error988


I was told in 2nd grade that I needed to know how to write in cursive because that’s how everyone writes as an adult. Lies!!!! - Graciehedgie


That my pet ducks flew south for the winter…Apparently, we ate them for thanksgiving. I learned this as a 40+ year old adult. - RusselTheWonderCat


You’ll understand when you are older. I’m almost 30 and still don’t. - Unlikely_Pressure391


My math teacher telling me I wouldn’t always have a calculator in my pocket. - Ralphroberts603


Victoria day is to celebrate when Queen Victoria allowed women, by law, to wear bikini underwear, which is why it's called Victoria's Secret. - ceciliabee


Swallowed gum takes seven years to digest. - MashedPotatoesDick


Just eat the crust, it'll make your hair curly!' My mom must have just been trying to make me appreciate those uneaten pizza corners. - IllustriousBat2446


My grandpa told me he wouldn't swim with me at the beach because he's made of salt and he'll melt. I believed him. - keepoffmedian


That Moths were the Ghosts of Butterflies. Cheers for that one Dad. - BudgetCoach_


'Next year they're gonna be a lot harder on you about this'. And 'the rules only get more strict'. Heard that at the end of every year in elementary school but by high school the rules are much less strict. - JeffreyJWhitea


When I was about 6 or 7 years old, I was out in my backyard digging for treasure, as kids do, when I found a dirty penny. I excitedly took my treasure inside to clean it in the sink, when, to my horror, I dropped my treasure down the drain.

I ran to my mom and tearfully explained to her that my Penny went all the way to China. Now you'd think the story would end there, but it's just the beginning. About a week later I got a letter in the mail. I'm 6, so this is a big deal.

This has never happened before. So I opened the letter in front of my Mom and brothers and started reading the contents out loud. It was a very official sounding declaration from the president of the Chinese Government that they had found my Penny and, from analyzing the fingerprints, had determined the Penny belonged to me.

There was also an identical copy of the letter in characters I couldn't recognize, and of course, my Penny taped to the letter. Took that Penny and letter to show and tell and held onto it for years.

As I got older I figured out santa and the Easter bunny were fake on my own, but man was I disappointed when I was told that my 'China Penny' wasn't real. - nanaacer

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