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16 people share the small guilt that still haunts them to this day.

16 people share the small guilt that still haunts them to this day.


The most likely scenario is that nobody remembers that cringe-inducing awkward and borderline evil thing you said at recess in 2nd grade, but what if they do?

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's that small guilt that haunts you?' people were ready to reveal the petty, trivial, or tiny ounce of shame and embarrassment that still occasionally wakes them up in a cold sweat when the clock strikes 3 AM.


I was cleaning my cousin's room with him when I was 7 or 8 and ended up pocketing a little toy boat. I never told anyone about it but it haunted me for years. - broostenq


I was on an elevator, and for fun I pressed every button. Suddenly, the most innocent, nicest looking old man steps on. His voice ushered 'Going down?' And before he finishes that phrase I run off with horrible embarrassment. Guilt. So much guilt. - IThoughtInsideTheBox


I suggested to one of my friends to call one of those 'how's my driving?' And leave a bad review. - Reemertastic


A couple of months ago I TOTALLY forgot to tip the pizza guy. He was really up-beat and nice, but the minute I gave him exact change he just kind of deflated. I kinda thought about how maybe he really needed tips. I felt bad for a while. - DictatorStan


Stole a girl's case of CDs and gave it to my sister as a 'gift.' - [deleted]


Back in 2003, I didn't rewind the movie I rented. I knew I should've, but I didn't. - Bobxdd


I told this one girl in my class that the only reason she got into the 'gifted program' at our school is because her mom does her homework. She cried. I apologized years later. I still feel awful about it. - Shellymichelley


Hung out with this girl in high school. I was an idiot and never paid attention the obvious flirting (I mean, it was hardcore) and I never made a move. I really liked her. It's been a long time, but I still think about her. I hate missed opportunities like that. - Dienekes22


When I was fourteen, I went on a trip to New York City with my school. We had some free time in Time Square, so I went around taking pictures with all the people in costumes. ...I didn't tip anyone.... Now I'm worried I put the naked cowboy out of business. - onlyalittlelooney


Recently, I was on the subway going downtown and the train was PACKED. I couldn't even turn my head in any direction without bumping into someone else's elbow or backpack. When it got to my stop, a woman next to me asked, 'can I transfer to the 2 line here?' and, after thinking for a moment, told her that it indeed stops here across the platform.

'It does?!' she said excitedly, 'S'cuse me! S'cuse me!' She pushed and shoved and contorted her way around the giant crowd off the train (and made a nice path for me as well) and I headed towards the exit.

Half way to my place I realized that there was no 2 train transfer there. There was no 2 train for a long, long time. She had gotten off that extremely crowded train during rush hour on my word that she could catch her connecting train. I've always felt so guilty and I am still awaiting the bad karma to kick me back in my place. - littlemissmovie


The lady asked me if her latte was decaf. It wasn't. I looked her square in the eyes and said it was. I am a monster. - PZLATE


In high school I was extremely jealous of another student who would flirt with my boyfriend. At the time I thought magic/wicca worked so I cast a spell wishing that she'd go away and leave me and my boyfriend alone. She died a few weeks later of heart failure. I regret that damn spell, not that it did anything but that I wished her ill will and it makes me feel like sh*t to this day. - [deleted]


I was just thinking about this, actually. When I was like 13, my dad lost his job (and my mom didn't work at the time), and we had to move out of our house and into a cheaper place. We had never been super well off, but we'd also never been completely broke like we were at the time either. We had to move out way before we found a new place, so I stayed with a friend of mine, my parents stayed at a friend of theirs, and my brother stayed with one of his friends, for like a while.

When they finally found a place, my dad and I went over there to spend the first night in the joint. It was 'tiny,' probably about 800 sqft, and the four of us were going to have to live in it. I cried; like an entitled, spoiled little ingrate. It was sh*tty, and I still feel badly about it. - opiomorph


There was this really creepy, strange girl in my gym class. She was really tubby and short, and so one day I was joking with my friends about how she was shaped like a bowling ball. I heard someone say 'Hi Evan' and I turned around and she was standing there right behind me.

There's a lot of things you can regret doing in life but when your words or actions inflict pain (undeserved, anyway- I was bullied in school but was able to dish out some very deserved pain here and there) on another person, the look on their face will haunt you until the end of your days. - Evan1701


I came here to confess that I stole marbles from an Amish dry goods store when I was 8 - The_Esprit_Descalier


One of my earliest memories is when I said to my parents, 'I love mommy more than daddy.' I think I was trying to express that I felt closer to my mom as she was the one who stayed home to take care of me while my father worked.

My mom quickly told me that that wasn't nice to say. She didn't need to. I could tell by the crushed look on his face. I sometimes wonder if he remembers that day like I do. I want to tell him it isn't true. - nirecc

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