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19 people share the story of the most dangerous thing they've ever dared to do.

19 people share the story of the most dangerous thing they've ever dared to do.


The world can be a scary place, especially when we live in such fragile human bodies and not 'West World'-style robot shells...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's the most dangerous thing you've ever done?' people everywhere were ready to share their riskiest, scariest, or accidentally bada%s behavior.


Walked up to a couple badgers. I didn't know what they were and thought they were cute. - EhlersDanlosSucks


rode horses for 12 years - nyxoh22


Got on the back of a motorcycle of a local stranger I had just met in Hanoi, Vietnam at 2 AM to help hand out blankets to the homeless 1+ hour away. It was 45 degrees and raining heavily going down the highway with hardly any clothes on.

I was 22 years old, he didn’t speak English well and could have brought me to the middle of nowhere and killed me. He didn’t and it ended up being a good experience. But probably wouldn’t do it again. - mangoesonaplane


Some situations I can't remember as they were so long ago, but last time I zoomed down a hill on my bicycle, when suddenly there was an intersection. It looked like I had right of way, but I missed a stop sign. I was half a second away from getting t-boned by a car. I would have died for sure. - Reasonable_Chart9662


I did about 100 skydives in the span of 2 years. It’s probably the most inherently dangerous thing I’ve ever done, but in actuality, skydiving is probably safer than driving your car to work every day. - BlueMist94


Commercial fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. I don't think I was on a boat longer than 65'. That is one tiny spec, especially in the shipping lanes. - no2rdifferent


Swam across a lake after misjudging the distance. Fall break 3 of us were walking around the lake and saw our condo and decided to swim to it. Half way we were all tired and freaking out a bit. I looked up and saw one guy way off course because he was just desperation swimming.

It made me laugh which put me under a bit. I said “we’re gonna drown” which made me laugh more and struggle more. I ended up using the survival float (thank you swimming lessons) to regain my composure.

Then used an elementary backstroke (is that still what they call it?) to make it there. Everyone made it. I don’t know how everyone else did. We didn’t and we’ve never talked about it since. - KCBandWagon


Swam after my canoe that blew away in a thunderstorm. - mohawk_67


Ate pineapple on pizza. The risk was worth it. - JibobbyWasNotTaken


Cave diving. - billdogg7246


Lied to my friends and family about where I was going, took a bus from Canada to Los Angeles to meet a guy from a chat room. - menace-to-sobriety


Crash landed a plane when the undercarriage failed on.the first week of a new french air traffic controller. - No_Noise_5733


I carelessly dropped the bottle of Sulfuric Acid on the floor at the chemistry class in high school - Syndos


Climbing free solo has to be up there. No rope or protection of any kind on 60-80ft tall routes. Had one close call and never did it again. - H0B03R3C7U5


Petting a rhino. Totally would do it again - d4rkseth


Scuba with tiger and bull sharks, although I was more concerned with the barracuda that would just stare at me. - -Economist-


Came face to face with a clearly rabid fox - Joonie_Juice


When I was a kid, I walked out on very thin ice on a river on my way home from school. A neighbor found me, and I never understood why he was so angry and yelled at me. I get it now. - km_eriksson


Poured baking soda followed by a boatload of vinegar down a clogged drain. When that didn't work, I followed it with a drain cleaner. Fun fact drain cleaner can have bleach in it, which I didn't know and didn't think to check. Anyway don't do that. - boywhataweird

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