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Dad comes up with 'evil plan' for petty revenge, shows up to work shirtless.

Dad comes up with 'evil plan' for petty revenge, shows up to work shirtless.


No shirt, no shoes, no service?

This one is just kind of delightful. One woman wrote in to Reddit to tell her dad's story. He works doing food delivery and was annoyed by the same security guard at a particular location he frequently had to visit for work. The guard wouldn't let him wear his uniform into the building, so he changed up his look.

'I'm waiting for the customer, Boss.'


My dad does food delivery service in his leisure time. He said he likes the community among the riders.

All riders (motorcycle is really preferred for the traffic around the town) are provided with a helmet and a jacket that match the company logo color, plus some details on them.

Delivery to hotels are common, as our town is one of favorite tourist destinations in the country, and traffic could be really a thing especially during the holidays while people craving for local cuisine but don't really want to deal with it.

On to the MC story, one day Dad got an order to deliver to Marriott hotel. He was told by the security to leave the jacket behind before entering the lobby and while waiting for the guest to come for their food there.

He argued about how leaving the jacket behind is worrying as the motorcycle parking area is quite in the open, so the security told him to leave it in the concierge. This annoyed him, but he complied anyway.

He gathered from other riders that the same security guy had been asking them the same and sometimes with condescending tone. Dad came up with a little evil plan.

This security guy mostly works in the day shift, so when he got another order to Marriott during the day, Dad took off his shirt and left it in the bike's container under the seat and wore nothing under the jacket.

He walked towards the lobby, glancing the security who stood there with smug face and headed towards the concierge, took off his jacket, and sit pretty on the couch in lobby while the receptionist looked at him with horror.

Receptionist : (Half screaming while rushing towards Dad) What are you even doing???

Dad : I'm waiting for the customer, Boss.

Receptionist : Bare chested? Where's your shirt?

Dad : It's a hot day, Boss. I ride around the town with only my jacket on. No delivery jacket allowed in lobby, no? Your colleague, that security guy told me so.

Receptionist : J-just leave the food with me, and please put your jacket back on. Thank you.

The security guy realized the situation a bit late, and could only watched the whole exchange with his jaw dropped. Next time my Dad gets an order to Marriott, the same guy just told him to leave it with him.

Here were the top comments from readers:


Top class delivery delivered top less.


'Now hold on here, what do you mean you just accepted it on my behalf? I paid for the VIP shirtless delivery, I aim to enjoy it, dammit!'


Manboober Eats?


This was an amusing story, but I’m confused why his jacket ever needed to be removed? Security guard just letting a small amount of power get to his head or what?


Your dad rocks.

Dad got some very playful revenge here. Have any readers maliciously complied in a goofy way like this?

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