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11 types of people that should get more empathy from society.

11 types of people that should get more empathy from society.


Being an empathetic person is a great quality to have. But sometimes people have a hard time showing empathy to others.

On a popular Reddit thread on the AskReddit Subreddit, users share the types of people whom society should give more empathy to.

1. bizobimba says:

People missing front teeth.

2. Flauschkadser says:

People who arent that good looking or have low social skills.

3. Pretty-Benefit-233 says:

Poor people.

4. Kytti_Korner says:

People with schizophrenia, my grandma was a licensed therapist, and she loved them. It broke her heart to always see them painted badly on the news.

5. Shortkitcat says:

People dealing with Chronic pain.

6. SurvivingWow says:

People with 'invisible' disabilities.

7. EncanisUnbound says:

I had a hard time empathizing with people who suffer from severe anxiety. I always said, 'just deal with it; stress is temporary.' Last summer, a series of events triggered unprecedented anxiety for me; I didn't eat for days at a time, barely slept, and could barely function at work. It was debilitating and felt utterly uncontrollable. A week on vacation helped, but it came back as soon as I got home.

So I went to my doctor, who prescribed a few meds, which helped immensely. Now I understand that kind of crippling anxiety, and I'm much more sympathetic to those struggling to manage it.

8. iamnachogirl says:

Fat people. I’ve been fat and I’ve been skinny and the difference in how people treat you is astounding.

9. disabled-R1ggs says:

Depressed or sad people. Its a nightmare.

10. name-cannot-be-blank says:

Short people (especially men).

11. Rhaski says:

In Australia: indigenous people. (Yeah, that's probably global too, but I can only speak from my own experience) There is this widespread assumption that the welfare system 'throws money at them' and gives them everything for nothing, so that should automatically undo the generational trauma of literal genocide, extreme violence, displacement, dispossession, separation from family and tribe, destruction of their entire culture and total subjugation to the Commonwealth.

They couldn't even vote in all states until 1962. The stolen generation happened within the lifetimes of people still walking around today. Not only do most (non-indigenous) Australians have no f*cking clue what happened here or how recently, the vast majority couldn't tell you anything meaningful or accurate about their history and culture. In Western Australia, regions, towns, and shires are often named after those responsible for corralling, displacing, and/or executing Aboriginal tribes.

The city of Perth, to this day, has an enormous district called the City of Stirling, named after Governor James Stirling, who led the ambush and murder of Binjareb Noongars in the Pinjarra Massacre of 1834 and most Western Australians do not even know this happened.

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