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16 people share the taboos they've broken that make them 'unhinged.'

16 people share the taboos they've broken that make them 'unhinged.'


Society has many taboos, most of which involve getting it on, but other taboo things out there are just as frowned upon. Some taboos we've all probably broken, while others are pretty rare. Either way, there's one fact that stands true, wherever there's a rule, someone out there has probably broken it.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Ask Reddit Subreddit, Reddit users share the biggest taboos they've broken.

1. direwolf2368 says:

Swam right after eating.

2. Mother_Lemon8399 says:

Tried to start a conversation with strangers sitting next to me on the plane.

3. Dangercakes13 says:

Banged in the rain on my parents' front lawn while back on break from college. I hadn't seen my girlfriend in a while so she sneaked by and I think I found a spot no one would see us. But, I went outside, in the rain for a while, came back with muddy knees on my jeans, and my dad's not stupid.

4. sadstonergal_ says:

I flashed my boobs to my dying friend when I was 16 because he’d never seen boobs before.

5. Gourmet-Guy says:

Pranked a local bar with a 'Cousins only night today' sign at the entrance down in Alabama.

6. ecko9975 says:

I donated to Wikipedia.

7. wwplkyih says:

Rebroadcasting Major League Baseball with implied, oral consent.

8. elitedata says:

Removing the USB thumb drive without ejecting.

9. SteamDecked says:

When I was 27, I had sex with my 50-year-old married boss, who seemed like this nice lady. So surprised she talked dirty and was kinky.

10. AnotherAnimeNerd says:

Dated outside my race. I'm the black sheep in my family. Never adhered to traditional Asian norms. I brought my first girlfriend home when I was in high school. She wasn't Asian, and my mom bawled her eyes out.

11. rock_and_rolo says:

Nothing too taboo. We had a wedding night three-way with the maid of honor.

12. janalthuis says:

I turned on the interior light in the dark while my dad was driving.

13. Ok_Comfortable_5741 says:

I let my brother look at my bare chest when I first developed. We never speak of that weird sh*t now. Never got physical with each other.

14. lunar_pilot says:

Played Call of Duty when i was 12 knowing its an 18+ game.

15. whatnameisnttaken098 says:

Not me, but I know someone who slept with her twin brother (granted, they were separated at birth). As for me personally, I've fallen asleep while taking a shower once.

16. Weary-Medicine4144 says:

I slept with two different women in one night, separately. They were both named Courtney, and I met them in group therapy.

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