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17 tattoos that are an instant turn-off, according to the turned-off.

17 tattoos that are an instant turn-off, according to the turned-off.


If smart people celebrated the first lasers for engineering advancements and miracles in medicine, today lasers are a godsend for two reasons. One, to genially confuse playful cats. Two, to remove tattoos like the following. From Ask Reddit, 17 instant turn-off tattoos.

1.) TheBIackened saw right through the camouflage.

When I was changing with my boyfriend for the first time, he took off his pants and his entire upper left leg was covered with giant leopard spots.

I almost screamed

2.) Simplyani with a classic:

Misspelled words.

3.) What is EdgeMiserable4381, a connoisseur or something?

Anything poorly drawn. My ex was a hot guy. He got a wolf tattoo on his chest. Omg, it had crossed eyes and a fat weird face and for some reason pine trees embedded in the fur. Ugh. Just, whyyy

4.) In_Need_Of_Milk hating on a whole demo:

Live. Laugh. Love.

5.) LiloDogQueen with a mom tale:

My mom is Chinese, and she had to stop herself from laughing because she saw a woman with a giant tattoo on her back in Chinese that meant slut

6.) ICPGr8Milenko knows someone who builds their life around tattoos in an impressive way.

My sister @ 19 got a tattoo of 'Chrissy' on the back of her neck for her gf. They broke up a couple years later. She dated a lot of other girls, then @ 35 married another Christina who she started calling 'Chrissy'. 3 years later, they got divorced and she still has the tattoo. Wondering if she's going for the threepeat.

7.) IWantOneSpatula with the hot take:

Charles Manson’s forehead swastika doesn’t really get me hot.

8.) An unfortunate sentence from Shot-Chemical3655:

My tattoo artist said he tatted a Louis Vuitton emblem on a guys sack, cuz it was his designer bag

9.) eljosho1986 is in the market for some lasers:

A tattoo of your husband Kevin and your dog cheddar blended into one horrific aberration instead of individually, as I thought was clearly implied

10.) ArtFUBU has to give credit for creativity:

I slept with a girl once who had sweet tattooed on one boob and sour on another.

11.) Impossible_Mall_8671 has had an experience:

Those giant last names ones in the ugly font on the forearm 😂

12.) Falling_Tomatoes, eyes are up here.

My family and I once saw a biker with “Seymour” written right above his butt crack when we were on a road trip.

13.) Toastonavocados has the most haunting of them all:

I once saw this guys tinder profile who had a tattoo of a cat on his stomach and his belly button was the cat's butthole

14.) Clearly peibs prefers Will's:

A tattoo of jaden smith's face

15.) HunterbidensLT begs to differ:

Only God can judge me

16.) An all natural point by Yeyewestie/:

A Marijuana plant

I like smoking weed myself and do often but I wouldn’t go as far as to tattoo it on me. Those I’ve seen get it tatted on them normally revolve their whole personality around weed which is very dull imo

17.) And paisleyhunter11 has regrets:

I have a tattoo on my wrist that says 'rot in hell'. I think that is probably the worst tattoo ever.

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