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Tay Swift stan furious with 'best friend' who scored tix but takes boyfriend instead.

Tay Swift stan furious with 'best friend' who scored tix but takes boyfriend instead.


Everyone knows: bros before hoes and chicks before d*cks. Right? Are we still doing that? What if the best friends are boy and girl??

When one best friend tried and failed to procure tickets, they both thought all hope was lost. Then, the other one fell on good fortune, but decided not to share it with his bosom buddy. So, he came to Reddit to ask if that was a d*ck move or not.

'AITA (Am I the A-hole) for taking my boyfriend to the Taylor Swift concert with me instead of my friend?'

u/ThrowRAeggbro writes:

Just to preface this for people who haven't been involved or in the process of trying to get Taylor Swift tickets it's been insane.

I (23M) have been with my bf (28M) for about 3 years now. I have also been best friends with my friend, let's call her Mimi (23f), since we were 13. We have a lot history and are very good friends.

Now back when the tickets for Taylor originally dropped, we did not get a verified fan code so we weren't able to access the website to purchase tickets. However, Mimi did receive one, and she spent the entire day trying to get tickets for all of us, but was unfortunately unable to do so. We were all upset, but understood how difficult it was and how hard she tried.

We had given up on getting tickets untill about last week where I happen to get insanely lucky on a resale website and was able to snag 2 tickets.

I decided to take my partner because I wanted to share this occasion with his especially since we'd have to be traveling to a different state.

When I posted on social media about the tickets and how excited I was my friend messaged me upset calling me an a-hole for not taking her. She says that she had been trying super hard to get tickets because it would be her first concert and she's literally the biggest fan I know.

She called me an a-hole saying that I should be taking her instead because my boyfriend isn't really a fan, which is partially true. He's really only listened to her since her newest album dropped because of me. She is saying that I'm essentially picking him over her friendship because I knew how important this was to her.

She is now not speaking to me because she thinks it's unfair and she feels like I'm choosing him over her. However I just feel like this is an experience I'd prefer to have with my partner than with my friend. So AITA (Am I the a-hole)?

But wait! Before you make your judgement, OP wants to clarify:

Editing to include the fact that Mimi was not just trying to buy tickets for herself and I. There was 5 people in the group. There is group of 3 of us that have been friends since middle school. My partner and 1 other friend that we met in college who were close with make up the 5.

She was the only one trying to get tickets on ticketmaster because she was the only one who got a fan code, but it would have been whoever got a code that would have been securing the tickets, not specifically her.

As someone stated in a comment no matter what happened 3 people would have been left out. Also another clarification for those who haven't been involved in the Taylor swift resale situation. When you're buying resale (I worded it wrong originally it wasn't a website it was a group) you don't get to pick how many tickets you're purchasing.

Someone will just say hey I'm selling x amount of tickets to this place on this date and you buy them if you can. Honestly like I said we'd all kind of given up hope we'd get tickets because of how difficult it was, so when I saw the two I didn't think twice about purchasing them just because it wasn't 5. Chances of finding 5 together this close to the concert is practically impossible.

Here's what Reddit had to say...

CakeEatingRabbit writes:

So you planned to go together, you fully expected mimi to order a ticket for you too but your extra ticket is for your bf you isn't even really a fan. Then you post it on social media, not even telling her. You just damaged your relationship with you best friend of 10 years. YTA (You're the a-hole).

Admirable-Disaster03 agrees:

She spent an entire day trying to get tickets for everyone, is the biggest fan, and OP's bf couldn't give two shits about not seeing or seeing TS. I'm not sure how exactly OP expected this to go other than exactly what happened, lol. YTA

EchoPhoenix24 says:

I am a little on the edge but this is a harder call than I was assuming at first. I don't think it's unreasonable that OP wants to go with his partner, but it's also not unreasonable that his friend who, clearly put a ton of effort into getting them tickets, is upset by that decision.

I think the biggest thing OP botched was not letting her know individually before posting online. He definitely should have anticipated his friend would be unhappy and at least tried to smooth things over a little bit. I think the fact that he didn't consider his friend's feelings at all tips it into YTA for me.

But leese216 has no sympathy for OP:

Mimi is right. You chose your bf over her. So hopefully you marry him because I doubt your friendship will last much longer. 10 years, thrown away just so you could have sex with your bf in a different state. Congrats, OP. YTA.

OP added at the end:

I do see and understand I probably should have told our friends privately. I was just way too excited and didn't think about it. Also my boyfriend is a fan! I wouldn't be dragging him there. He would definitely enjoy himself. He just hasn't really listened to her but when her newest album came out I introduced him to more of her music and we listen to her all the time. He just happens to be a newer fan.

So! What do you think?

Are these Redditors being way too hard on him? What should he do? What would Taylor do??

Sources: Reddit
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