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Teacher defends intentionally failing student to teach him a lesson.

Teacher defends intentionally failing student to teach him a lesson.


"I purposefully made my student 'fail.' Here's why."

I, 29F, Have been an 8th grade teacher for 2 years, Im posting this on my little sisters old account because somehow my students found my main account, not the point but anyway. Here's why I failed him. For this confession, I will be calling my students their initials.

So, we had a test last month, one of my students, J, was bragging to a kid that barley passes each test, that they would fail again, now, this kid (M) usually gets a 60-70 (D-C) and J is getting 80-90's, M is in a special learning program [Wont be disclosing why as its her privacy] J has bullied M since the 5th grade.

And shocker, J is the eldest in the class and M is the youngest. Every test J brags that they would get an A+, (even when he gets A-/B+) And I generally had enough of his taunting, last month, when we took the test, I made sure to give him a different version to the test, which is for 9-10th grade students.

I watched as he struggled and when the result for his came back, He got a D-, and I gave M an easier version and she got a B+. Recently, J has stopped teasing M, so I think he learned his lesson.

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This post is a double edged sword, on the one hand, as a person who regularly gets bullied, I'd appreciate the help, but on the other hand, I don't think it's okay to manipulate people's grades like that, you should've tried an other approach, maybe detention/talking to his parents. Honestly though at least you did something, which is way more than what my teachers do..


I work with kids. From my perspective, she decided to insert herself into two kids lives like it's a game to her. She's allowed unacceptable behavior from a student for a full year, and now is giving the student 'deserved retribution' for bullying someone else, when it's honestly exclusively the teachers fault.

You're telling me she's noticed the bullying for months, done literally nothing, and is now using that bullying, that she allowed, as an excuse to f^%k with a kids grade? Pretty disgusting, tbh.


Yes it may have stopped the teasing, but you should never change a students grade to what they actually got, it’s not your job.


Are 8th graders on reddit that much instead of tiktok that they found an alternate account of the teachers and identified them within 2 hours of posting? Something isn't adding up.


he's like 13 years old, you're nearly 30, you are far worse than him lmao

So what do you think? Was this an inappropriate abuse of power of was the teacher right to do what she did?

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