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17 people share things they can't believe their teachers said to them.

17 people share things they can't believe their teachers said to them.


Teachers are entrusted with the future of the world. While kids learn to read and do math from their teachers, they may also pick up on some of the other things their teachers say. If you think kids say the darndest things, wait until you hear what some teachers say.

On a popular Reddit thread in the AskReddit Subreddit, people share some of the most unbelievable things they heard their teacher say.

They write:

1. Urbane_Cowboy says:

My very well-respected Biology teacher in college spent almost an entire lecture telling us that Jamie Lee Curtis was a 'hermaphrodite'. It seemed oddly personal to him.

2. Mangothefello says:

Not heard, but my freshmen year high school teacher once pulled a bottle of Jack out of his desk and took a shot during class. He was dying so towards the end, I think he just stopped caring.

3. RavensQueen502 says:

Had the Head of the Department in college claim in class that anyone who actually needs accomodations for mental health issues should not be in college to begin with.

This was while we were discussing The Death of a Salesman and the discussion had veered over to unhealthy pressure and social standards for success.

4. Dalivus says:

In the 7th grade, a substitute teacher. Black man. Told the class, 'The whole black dude/big dick thing? It’s a myth. We’re just like everyone else.' The whole class just sat there, slack-jawed, til the black student to my right said, 'he lying.'

5. SupersonicDebris13 says:

My high school science teacher told my class that a kilometer was longer than a mile. Refused to budge when refuted and kicked out several students for doing so.

6. AllBadAnswers says:

A literature teacher told the class he didn't believe in dinosaurs because 'the universe is only a couple thousand years old.' The bones were put there by satan. Thank f*ck he wasn't a science or history teacher.

7. drowned1ng says:

The 4th-grade teacher leaned down to the girl a couple of seats over during the slavery section in our history book and said to her, 'In this time, they would've called you a n****. I told my parents about this, and nobody believed me.'

8. SnooOwls5859 says:

A teacher ridiculed a fat kid for his lunch choices in front of the class. He ran out crying as she made fat guy blimp gestures and told him he would be huge as an adult.

9. JerkCircleton says:

Psych teacher in high school told us that 1 in 10 of the people I was friends with in high school would be dead within five years of graduating.

At the time, I thought it was hyperbole, but he was being conservative. Three people in my high school friend group were dead by that time. I was 22. One was the obligatory DUI crash right after graduation, one was killed during Desert Storm, and one overdosed on heroin.

10. TroyLear77 says:

My English teacher told us that he genuinely believes that the Rothschilds own a hotel for aliens in the Bermuda Triangle.

11. futanari_kaisa says:

Didn't hear this personally, but read a book about a guy who recalled his teacher skipping chapters in a textbook and saying, 'You will not need to know this when you are down in the mines.'

TW: language describing sexual assault for number 12.

12. Jabber-Jaw says:

A female health teacher told us men couldn't be sexually assaulted. We then had to go through the magazines she provided to show examples of companies using sex to sell products.

The first magazine I opened had an article about a lady that caught some guy in Russia while he was breaking into a building. She tied him up and force-fed him Viagra, then assaulted him for over a week before letting him go.

13. jondru says:

'Now girls, don't you let them boys touch your breasts. It'll give you cancer.'

14. gtmattz says:

5th-grade teacher: 'Mount Whitney in California is the tallest mountain in the world.' 5th grade me blurts out: 'No, it isn't. Mount Everest is. Whitney is not even the tallest mountain in the USA. Mount Mckinley in Alaska is.' I got in trouble for 'contradicting the teacher.'

15. acidsplashedface says:

In a keyboarding/typing class, we had a teacher who really liked to remind the one Native American kid that, ‘Everyone thinks you were peaceful people, but your tribes were always at war with each other, even before whites settled America.’ He really only cared about weed and BMXing. I think every other student was way more offended than he was.

16. JugOfVoodoo says:

My seventh-grade science class was watching a documentary about desert wildlife. A large female dung beetle was being chased by three or four smaller males.

Many of the kids were gasping and giggling. The teacher's response to the kids: 'I think it's kinda kinky.' The room went silent.

17. CZJayG says:

Oh boy. I went to high school overseas, but it was run and funded by the US government. Our teachers were wild. The history teacher in 12th grade was having marital issues and proceeded to spend a whole class describing how he was trying to spice things up in the bedroom.

An English teacher who kept a bottle of vodka in her desk to, in her words, 'deal with you a**holes.' The drama teacher let us smoke cigs and weed outside her classroom. I guess she figured it'd make us creative.

The biology teacher would yeet erasers at people talking over him. The other history teacher regularly missed most of the first period cause she was hung over.

The history teacher truly knew how to roast people. He once told me that with my lack of a**, thank God I was straight. Or when the dumb jock who repeated three times showed up in his class, 'Jesus Christ, I can't with you!' Most were great teachers, just with a severe lack of regulations and patience.

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