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18 people share their family's favorite 'non traditional tradition' for the holidays.

18 people share their family's favorite 'non traditional tradition' for the holidays.


Eating a similar menu of turkey, sugary starches, and canned vegetable casseroles for Thanksgiving and Christmas can be a bit of a drag, especially when the recipes haven't been updated in generations...

So, when a Reddit user shared their non-traditional Thanksgiving menu and asked others to reveal the holiday rules they've bravely broken, strangers of the internet delivered. Bye, green beans with crispy onions and marshmallow-topped sweet potatoes. It's time for Thanksgiving pizza, ok?

'My family got sick of turkey and stuffing for thanksgiving years ago. Now, Instead we buy fresh lobster and tenderloin steak and cook surf and turf. What's your family's non-traditional tradition?'


Since I was a kid, there's always been an unwritten rule in my house that you're only allowed to eat Pop Tarts during Christmas time. When I would tell my friends that, they thought it was weird as hell, but it's stuck with me for a long time.

My parents would buy Pop Tarts about a week before Christmas, and then we'd get to eat them on Christmas morning and for a few weeks after that. Maybe it was just my parents' way of trying to get me to eat healthy... - sticky_shoe


My family does a different thanksgiving menu every year. One year its French, next Chinese, next Middle Eastern, etc. - grayfox14048


We're doing hotpot for Thanksgiving! Kinda like fondue but with broth instead of melted cheese and you get to put in veggies, meats and fishballs (almost whatever you want). When it's done cooking, dip with some soy sauce or hot sauce and eat and eat and eat... - FollowYourHeroes


Started doing that with my dad, step-mom, and grandmother some years back with Alaskan King crab. Grandmother passed away but the tradition lives on. - IceBlueEyes


My family just recently started having burritos for breakfast on Thanksgiving. We usually have our huge meal at our grandparent's house hours later, so the burritos are a nice start. - kellellelly


New Years Eve Nachos. Topped extensively, served with salsa, sour cream, and guac. Mmm. - wickedwazzosuper


Pajama Christmas. Instead of getting all dressed up in fancy clothes to sit down and stuff our faces with Christmas Dinner (and then sit around feeling so uncomfortable in the fancy clothes due to our fullness) we now do 'Pajama Christmas.'

Every person in our family has a 'fancy' pair of Jammies that match and we sit down to eat in our nice fancy Jammies. Then we head over to the couch to chat and watch Christmas movies and spend time together. Elastic Waist Band FTW!!!! - jenniferjuniper


My family eats homemade lasagna for winter holidays. It holds well in the oven which is great for fitting everyone's schedule. Getting together a day or two before to make it is almost more tradition than the holiday itself now. - rewere3


My sisters have their birthdays in december and january. As that means they get all their presents for the year within one month, we invented 'oldest daughter day', 'middle daughter day' and 'youngest daughter day' (in the same category as father's and mother's day).

This pretty much meant that you could choose one day in the year where you would get a small present from parents and sisters (not that Xbox, but maybe a cd or something) and a nice breakfast :). - LWdkw


My family got sick of traditional American holiday food too, plus we have some vegetarians in the house, so no turkey. Our new tradition is to make Greek/Lebanese food for Thanksgiving, and Christmas is usually sushi or veggie lasagna.

The Greek food is a feast: we make spanikopita, hummus, mujadarrah, lentil soup (shorbat adas), and buy nice feta cheese, pita bread, and baklava. None of us are Greek, we just like food and cooking. - jakelegs


We open all of our presents after dinner on christmas eve - painted_nails


We do this at Christmas! F*ck turkey. We want prime rib, dammit! - Occamstazer


This year and a few years back, my brother's birthday falls on Thanksgiving. So we are having his favorite, Mexican food! Homemade guac, fajitas, queso, spanish rice, beans, etc. Still pumpkin pie though. Surf and turf sounds yummy too. - PlatypusTales


We have a normal thanksgiving meal, turkey potatoes and whatnot, but if you ask for a roll my family will throw you one. I mean literally overhand throw one at you from multiple people. They always laugh but it is like an inside joke that was before my time. I do it now too it reminds me of that weird monkey experiment. - zach2093


Sushi on christmas eve. No regrets. - coffeebag


Every Christmas and Thanksgiving, my mother makes 'Jello Salad'. It's a concoction comprised of a layer of jello and strawberry chunks (on bottom) followed by a layer of marshmallow goo (on top).

I'm not even a fan of Jello in general, but this stuff is incredible and unlike anything else I've ever tasted. Although it's cold and doesn't really fit in with the season (it strikes me as more of a summer dish), it's a family favorite and is the only dish that every single family member loves. - ravenpride


Instead of mashed potatoes we have mashed cauliflower as my parents do a low carb thing. Doesn't taste the same but is quite delicious. - WIENER_POOP


For Christmas, my family grills up steaks (usually wrapped with bacon) and makes homemade fries. - spongebib

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