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Daughter sneaks mom's money for fast food, mom calls her 'fat' and 'lazy.' AITA?

Daughter sneaks mom's money for fast food, mom calls her 'fat' and 'lazy.' AITA?


Ba-da-ba-ba-ba, she's hating it.

One daughter was staying with her mother after a rough breakup. She remembered that her mom kept a jar of money in the house for emergencies. In her upset state, she decided to take $35 to steal a secret late night Mcdonald's meal. When her mom discovered the theft, she said some pretty hurtful things. But, it turns out the Reddit sides with the mom on this one.

AITA for “stealing” money from my mom?


Hi. I (22F) got out of a bad breakup 5 months ago and I’ve been doing a lot of emotional eating to cope with it, we were dating for 3 years. It was a bad relationship because it was really toxic and unhealthy for me.

But yeah I’ve been eating a lot more food lately to try and cope. I know it isn’t particularly healthy but it’s a really hard habit to break.

Anyway, I’m currently staying at my mom’s house for a little while after Easter. Last night, I was really upset thinking about my relationship and I wanted to drive to McDonalds but I didn’t have any money on me so I took some from my mom’s money pot.

The story behind the money pot is that it’s money for anybody to use, when I lived here I was always allowed to use it for money for the bus, going out with friends etc. I looked at what I was going to buy on the website and I took 35 dollars to cover my meal. I ate there and then came home while everybody was asleep.

My mom woke up this morning and asked me where the money had gone. I told her that I thought everyone was allowed to use it and she told me I’m an adult with an income now so I have just stolen from her.

Apparently money is tighter than it used to be and she really needed that 35 dollars. I tried to explain my situation to her and the fact that I just really needed some food at that time and she said that it was a bullsh*t excuse and that I’m just getting lazy and fat.

She told me that I need to pay her back by Friday or she’s not speaking to me anymore. Am I the a**hole for “stealing from her”? The money pot used to be for everyone so I didn’t mean to steal I feel really bad.

Edit: Yes I will be repaying her by Friday

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1. Who eats $35 worth of food at mcdonalds for just themselves. They literally have a dollar menu for christs sake.

2. You ARE a grown adult with your own income, and from the sound of it, staying rent free. You should have asked before using it.

3. I would look into getting into exercising or breaking this habit ASAP, this is anything but healthy. Find a hobby to sink your time into, or find a healthy snack you can eat.


Also the break up was 5 months ago - granted yes relationships take time to get over but this wasn’t a “day after the break up and I need to eat a tub of Ben & Jerry’s” sort of thing - this was pretty serious binge eating for months.

4 Big Macs, multiple fries and 2 McFlurry’s on a regular basis is incredibly bad for you and not normal eating, even for people dealing with heartbreak. OP please get a hobby and see a professional about this - it isn’t good or healthy. I hope you get some help to move past this. And pay your mother back.


YTA. She’s right, you’re an adult now. Pay her back immediately. Also, get yourself into therapy because your behaviors are deeply unhealthy.


YTA - did you plan on paying her back before she discovered that you help yourself? I mean why didn't you ask before? As a grown up I think it's basic behavior to ask your parents to loan you some money...

Of course your coping mechanism is bad and potentially dangerous but you know that yourself. Maybe use this situation to find a better way? Journaling or something like this. Hope you getting better soon!


YTA. You are an adult with a job. You should no longer assume that when you’re staying with your mom, you can just take free money. And seriously, not to shame you, but $35 worth of food from McDonalds in one sitting cannot possibly be good for you.

Do you think this mom was too harsh or was her daughter being immature and selfish?

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