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Employee mutes mic and curses at boss on Zoom only to realize the mic wasn't muted.

Employee mutes mic and curses at boss on Zoom only to realize the mic wasn't muted.


Work-from-home culture is pretty great, no buying lunch, working in pajamas, being off camera and muted on Zoom so you can call your co-workers dumb in meetings. All you have to do is make sure your camera is actually off.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Today I F*cked Up Subreddit, one worker calls their boss something they shouldn't have but then realizes they may not have been muted.

They write:

A bit of background, I work remotely most days, and my camera is always off during meetings. I figured this out on my own; no one called me out, but I was sitting in a meeting, and my manager decided it'd be cool to add an entire project to my already packed workload.

I use a Blue Yeti mic, so I pressed my unmute button and said, 'Yeah, sounds good, I'll hop on that,' like a good little employee and pressed my mute button again. Thinking I was on mute, I said, 'F*ckin a**hole' pretty loud and clear and then continued scrolling on reddit on my other monitor.

So a couple of minutes later, I felt a sneeze coming on and checked my mute button on my Yeti, still red, so I let that sh*t go. Loud AF. Then a couple of people in the Zoom said bless you. I said thanks.

After a moment, I realized that they heard my sneeze through my muted mic. I clicked on Zoom's settings to see what mic it was using, and well, it was using the PS5 controller mic sitting right next to me on my computer desk and is always plugged into my pc.

I quickly swapped it back to my Blue Yeti and stared at my keyboard as if I had just had a new lobotomy. There's no way they didn't hear me call my manager a f*ckin a**hole.

I hope I still have a job tomorrow. I learned my lesson, though. Either ALWAYS mute on Zoom/check what mic Zoom is using or unplug my PS5 controllers before meetings.

The internet has a get out of jail card for, OP.

mrsc1880 says:

'The cat knocked my drink off the desk.' Always blame the cat, even if you don't have one.

LNDN91 says:

If he asks just tell your boss you were talking to yourself for taking on yet another job while you promised to yourself to set boundaries to prevent overworking yourself.

snarknsuch says:

Always blame the friend’s pet you were watching who you just realized destroyed an unexpected item. Another great one is that you were opening your work bag or grabbing your shoes and discovered they vomited on it earlier that day. All completely valid reasons to say 'f*cking a**hole' if it ever came up!

OP, to be fair, your boss is a f*cking a**hole.

Sources: Reddit
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