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Shoplifter with guilty conscience admits to stealing $1k in groceries from store.

Shoplifter with guilty conscience admits to stealing $1k in groceries from store.


People do what they have to do to survive. If you need bread to eat and nobody is giving your money for that bread, then you're probably going to have to steal it. No shade if you have to, but getting caught can have bad consequences. On a popular Reddit thread on the Today I F*cked Up Subreddit, a shoplifter reveals to a store how much they have shoplifted.

TIFU by going to a supermarket chain and admitting I shoplifted for ~2 years

OP has a very guilty conscience.

For my last four semesters of uni, I shoplifted at a supermarket chain in Germany. I felt terrible for doing so; that's why I always wrote up what I stole in my google keep app. Then last Sunday, I spent the whole day putting it all together in a huge excel file and thought to myself that, now that I have a good-paying job (since august) - I can pay it back! I even stayed in my tiny apartment, so I could put the money aside faster than if I had moved.

OP, don't do this.

So today, I went to an atm and got the cash I needed (only 971 euros, I was surprised how low the amount was) and went to the supermarket where I stole from it. I told a woman who was putting stuff up the shelves if I could see the manager; she asked why and I said I had shoplifted.

You absolute fool, OP.

She got me into this room and asked me to wait and that he'll be here. When he got here, I told him everything, with the printed-out excel and the money. He told me he didn't realize I was stealing it; they had caught some shoplifters, but still saw the inventory not adding up. He was thankful and asked me to wait.

You could've gotten away with it if it wasn't for your meddling with yourself.

I waited for half an hour, kind of anxiously but also relieved. He returned with two police officers who repeated my story and asked me if it was true. I was hesitant, but the manager said the conversation had been recorded. I said yes, and they made me sign all these forms acknowledging what I did. Now I'm looking towards jail time and losing my job.

JustSomeUsername99 says:

Should have done it anonymously. You stole it anonymously, you should have repaid it anonymously.

thuggo17 says:

Should've paid the €971 to a food bank instead!

RUKittenMe says:

Bruh….. don’t admit to committing crimes I feel like that’s a given

OP, you better talk to a lawyer before you admit to any other crimes.

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