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Man makes joke in college English class and Professor proceeds to kick them out.

Man makes joke in college English class and Professor proceeds to kick them out.


Having a quick wit is a blessing and a curse. Sometimes that wit is hilarious, and that timing is impeccable. Other times maybe you shouldn't have said what came to your mind. It's all about picking your spots.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Today I F*cked Up Subreddit, one person recalls a story of when he made an inappropriate joke and got kicked out of class.

He writes:

This happened while at Uni in the UK. I studied English (and eventually got my degree at a high level, so I must have been doing something right) when we were in a seminar discussing the book we had to read that week.

I’m not sure which book (I certainly hadn’t read it), but there was an element to the book that touched on prostitution. The seminar discussion then turned to local prostitution, and the street adjacent to our campus USED TO BE a notorious red-light district.

Whether it was related to the book exactly or not, the (female for context) Professor asked the class, 'Can anyone think of a reason why there could have been a sudden change and that one moment there was prostitution here and then the next there was not?'

I knew that the responses she sought were related to police action, law changes, economic changes in the local community, the gentrification of the area, etc. Indeed, I recall thinking that these would have been acceptable responses. But I f*cked up and said something else entirely.

So, as the first person to put my hand up in a class where I was the only male out of a dozen or so students, I said: 'Perhaps they all just graduated and moved away?'

The laugh that I was so hoping for absolutely DID NOT appear. Instead, I had everyone in my class give me a disgusted look, and my Professor suggested that if I couldn’t take the subject matter seriously, I should leave.

So, yeah, I left embarrassed and a little shell-shocked, if I’m honest. Have to read the room a bit more when making public jokes, that’s for sure.

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FortressOnAHill says:

I was taking an English class in CC for a GE req and we were reading this stupid book called 'Drown.' There's a story where this guy (Edgar or something) is getting bullied by other kids and one of them chucks a Coke bottle at his face (glass kind) and he ends up disfigured and he starts wearing a bag on his head anyhow, the story goes on about this guy's life-sucking a** and we had to analyze it in class the next day.

Prof eventually asks the class, as part of our discussion 'What are some things Edgar may want to avoid in his future?' And before I could stop myself I blurt out 'Coke bottles.'

SmackmYackm says:

Only tangentially related, and many years ago; I was in I think 8th grade music class. the teacher was asking about strings, such as what sound would a long thick string make and what sound would a short fat string make.

In that moment it just came out of my mouth like it had a mind of it's own, 'What about if it's long and hard?' I got the laugh but was sent to the principals office.

TheSideburnState says:

Senior year of college I took a speech/debate class. Before class as students are filtering in, the teacher (who was the college debate coach) was giving me sh*t because I wore my Mock Trial shirt to class. We had the following exchange.

Him: You know the Mock Trial team has never even made it past regionals, right?

Me: Not yet, but we will.

Him: Why do you even want to go to law school and be a lawyer?

Me: Well, we can't ALL go to Speech Teacher college, can we?

I got a good laugh (from the class) and a bad grade.

Absolutely zero regrets.

OP, definitely a joke you should've kept to yourself.

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