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Student gets caught hooking up with professor's daughter the night before the final.

Student gets caught hooking up with professor's daughter the night before the final.


It is finals season, and many college students are cramming for those exams to end their school semesters. With the stress of finals, students need to take care of their mental health. Some do this through watching TV, playing video games, or through one-night stands.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Today I F*cked Up Subreddit, one student tries to relax during finals week only to get into the most stressful situation.

He writes:

I am a typical university student just trying to get through finals week. Tonight, after a very stressful day of exams and studying for my ancient literature class, I decided to scroll Tinder casually. It had been a while, and I just needed to de-stress. Little did I know this would cause me more stress than I imagined.

I swiped right on a girl who was less than a mile away. She was 25, a little older than me, but she was super hot and seemed into me, so I went with it. She invited me to her apartment and said she had to go in 20 minutes, so make it fast. We got straight to business, but we heard the front door open about three minutes after we began.

She told me to stop, so I stopped, and we listened. The footsteps came in our direction, and I got pretty scared. I expected it would be like when my parents caught me a few years ago with my ex, and it would be an embarrassment all around. Not at all.

The ancient literature professor, who I despise, and whose test I was frantically studying for, walked into the room and froze. He saw her, gasped, and then saw my face. His face turned red, and he screamed, 'GET THE F*CK OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!' I’m sure I lost some hearing from how loud he yelled.

Anyways I put my shorts on and ran back to my quad. Now, as I lay in bed, all I can think of is how my college professor saw me naked, not just nude but raw-dogging his daughter without any clothes. He already didn’t like me and is a very tough grade.

So I already know that I will bomb this final and destroy my GPA. I'll see him tomorrow at 11 AM; wish me luck, and I’ll update you with what happens.

OP provided a small update:

I have taken the exam but still don't know what's happening. I will remove all the personal info because this blew up much more than I wanted it to, and I'd rather not turn this into a school-wide scandal.

I shuffled into class, praying that my life wasn't about to be ruined by this professor. Thankfully, the TA entered the room and said, 'Due to a family emergency, Professor ****** will not be proctoring today's exam... He will email you back with your graded exam by the end of Saturday.'

Right after the TA said this, she started handing out the tests. When she came to me, she gave me this look and laughed before giving me the exam. I thought, 'Great! Now the administration probably knows.'

Anyway, I took the test, and I think I did pretty well. When I left the room, I checked my email (it's a habit), and Professor ****** emailed me. Below is the email without the names.

Please meet my wife, me, and the Dean of Academic Affairs in room *** in the **** building tomorrow at 1 PM. There, we will discuss our situation and how to proceed. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

I don't know what to think. First of all, I didn't do anything wrong! I have no idea why his wife is getting involved, but there was verbal and written consent, and if I need to, I can use the Tinder DM history to prove it.

Also, his daughter has an IUD, so there's no way this will turn into a pregnancy. I'm worried about how this will affect my relationship with my professors and the administration. I guess I'll update again tomorrow after the meeting.

College students are flocking to this post:

Several_Comfortable9 says:

The better question is what is he doing walking in on his daughter? Especially one that is 25.

Blue-it_ says:

Final failer, daughter railer

-ElSax- says:

If you haven’t already screenshot the Tinder DMs. Because if the account gets deleted I think it stops showing her name and photo (things you might want in case).

somedude456 says:

OP, I could go with sarcasm for internet points, but I'll be real with ya. Your professor knows his daughter will sleep with people her age. Simple fact dads know, but hate to admit. More importantly, he cares about his job. What he doesn't want is you saying you failed his class because he singled you out, you filing harassment charges with the deans, etc.

The moment this happened, he basically contacted his boss and asked how to proceed. That's why he didn't give the test and that's why the meeting is scheduled. Now the wife issue is a bit weird, but otherwise, all I see is him covering his a**.

OP, you can't get in real trouble for this. I think most other professors will just look at this as a funny story.

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