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Woman accidentally suggests meeting her mom on a first date, and her date agrees.

Woman accidentally suggests meeting her mom on a first date, and her date agrees.


First dates are awkward; the getting-to-know-you phase is often the hardest one. People still have walls up, and it's hard for some to be honest about what makes them uncomfortable because they want to 'seem cool' in front of your date.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Today I F*cked Up Subreddit, a woman accidentally suggests to a potential date that he meets her mother on their first date.

She writes:

So, I (20F) have been talking to this cute guy on bumble for a couple of weeks. I’m really enjoying talking to him. he’s super sweet and funny and has a lot of personality. Last week, he asked me what my ideal first date was, and I said coffee because I like coffee and talking, and we agreed to Tuesday, which was still a few days away.

I’ve been really busy all week, and lo and behold was scrolling through Tiktok when it hit me— OUR DATE IS TOMORROW, AND I DO NOT KNOW WHEN OR WHERE WE ARE MEETING. Sh*t!

Relevant background, my mom has also been asking me when I’m free on Tuesday for an unspecified event. she will NOT give me details. she is very adamant that it is a surprise. I know it was 'more expensive than the zoo, but less expensive than the concert we attended a couple of weeks ago.' I love my mom; she’s so excited about it.

Anyway, I hit ole pal with this message, which I have copied and pasted straight from the source: 'also, it just struck me that our date is tomorrow— when and where do you want to meet? I’m free until 3 PM :) my mom is planning a surprise for us, but she’s being very cryptic about what it is.' I meant my sister, but guess how that sounds on the other end?

He just went, 'oh boy, okay,' and I was like, 'sorry I hit you with that out of the blue!' Meaning bringing up the date in the middle of our conversation, but this comment did not help to clear up what I meant.

He was like, 'I’m just kinda socially anxious,' so I was like, 'oh, I promise I’m chill; I just talk a lot! We can also go to this cool back room that’s not separate, but it’s quieter with some cool windows :),' and he went, 'Nah, I’m good one-on-one. I’m just nervous about meeting your mom.' It all clicked at that moment.

I immediately clarified. I am mortified. He is relieved. I’m thankful he was still chill about it (THANK GOD), even when he thought he was meeting my mother on the first date. Oh my god. Lord, have mercy on my soul. I’m going to lose my mind, and yes, my mom did nearly wet herself laughing when I told her right before writing this post.

The internet loves a meet-cute.

Cupids_Halloween says:

Such a cute blunder, I hope you have a great date and an awesome time with your mom too!

katkriss says:

So adorable. Tell 'us' all about it after!

nookisaclasstraitor says:

This is hilarious and something that would happen to me. The best part is him continuing the conversation and subtly convincing you NOT to include your mom on your coffee date instead of shutting it down instantly. I think he likes you a lot too.

OP, this man is the opposite of a red flag (at least for now). Go on a second date if the first one goes well!

OP had an update on her mom's surprise:

The surprise was THE DISNEY ANIMATION IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE! It’s here locally right now. She bought my sister and me surprise tickets! Lots of children screaming throughout, but that’s to be expected. I loved it.

Sources: Reddit
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