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Woman meets online BF for the first time and wakes up to a 'rude awakening.'

Woman meets online BF for the first time and wakes up to a 'rude awakening.'


Long-distance relationships are hard to maintain. The distance, the lack of support, and the coordinating schedules are all hills to overcome. It can get even more complicated if you start your relationship online before meeting in person. The anxiety of whether or not your online relationship translates in person can be a lot for couples.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Today I F*$ked Up Subreddit, a woman meets her online boyfriend for the first time, and the results are unexpected.

She writes:

This happened a few months ago. I had just traveled to see my boyfriend for the first time in another country, the travel was rough, but he met me halfway, so it became easier to handle when closer to the finish line. We had never physically met before and discussed taking it slow, seeing how we feel when together, and maybe sleeping in separate beds if that makes us more comfortable.

All those plans flew out the window in the first ten minutes. We got along insanely well, and everything just clicked into place as if it had always been like that. We reached his apartment in the late evening, both very tired after laughing and messing around all day, yet somehow our clothes ended up on the floor, and things quickly led to another.

Exhausted from traveling and now with many happy chemicals in our brains, we fell asleep quickly and comfortably, safely tucked in a cuddle.

We were both light sleepers, me more than him. I woke up to his phone ringing, feeling dazed and confused after waking up unexpectedly. I glanced at my surroundings, trying to locate the root of the annoyance that woke me from my slumber. I'm still trying to figure out what year it is and where I am. I see my boyfriend open his eyes and wake up to the commotion.

While most would maybe blush and say good mornings awkwardly... well, not us, all hell broke loose. His eyelids ripped themselves wide open, and he began screaming. So. Loudly. Picture night terror, but only after you've already woken up. The loudest screams of fear filled the whole apartment.

He would only stop to gasp more air, to continue the blood-chilling noise again. You see, in his sleepy haze, his brain had told him I'm an intruder who's there to attack him, and his not-so-effective or controlled smacking and pushing were his panicked attempts at defending himself.

And what did I do to diffuse this situation? I screamed back. I kept screaming back and felt like I was also in danger. There we are, two idiots screaming simultaneously at each other for no reason. He got me pretty good on my jaw, enough to rattle me fully awake. 'HEY!! HEY, hey, hey, it's me, it's me!' I began to chant.

He slowly calmed down and came back to our reality as well. He wouldn't stop apologizing at first, saying sorry repeatedly, looking ashamed of himself. I found out he didn't even realize he was flailing his arms and legs the way he did.

The evening we were already laughing about it and joking about what the next morning would be like. (Note: there was a lot less screaming.)We woke up silently every morning after, with my jaw remaining free from pain.

The internet has some ideas for the couple.

lycaus says:

Now, on your couple's anniversary, you'll have to scream and slap to wake him up for the nostalgia

tallerthanu17 says:

I needed some popcorn before I read this story. To bad I wasn’t prepared with my morning bowl of popcorn. 10/10 drama.

dougola says:

So who called?

For meeting someone online, this didn't go as badly as it could have.

Sources: Reddit
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