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Woman shames and 'attacks' man for taking his wedding ring off around her at the gym.

Woman shames and 'attacks' man for taking his wedding ring off around her at the gym.


Going to the gym is either an experience to write about or mundane daily activity. You'll get a wide cast of characters at the gym, which is why there's a lot of gym content. The people that grunt too loud, the people doing great circus-like exercises to show off, and the men that impulse to 'correct' women when they work out. You'll see it all at the gym, the actual watering hole of human society.

On a popular Reddit thread on the Today, I F*cked Up Subreddit; one man gets a taste of one of the worst types of people at his gym.

He writes:

I have just recently arrived home following this event. I am a happily married 36M with a small herd of children. I have been going to the gym in my little town since November 2022. I always go after getting the kids to bed, which generally puts me there around 830pm.

The gym I go to has two rooms. One has cardio equipment (ellipticals, treadmills, bikes, etc.) the other room has free weights and various other torture devices. My routine begins the same every time, with 9.1-9.5 miles on the bike, which leaves me in a state similar to that of a walrus that has just managed to pull himself onto an iceberg, very wet and breathing heavily. This process takes me until about 8:55 pm. I enjoy hitting weights at this time because the gym is often (not always) empty, leaving me to grunt and groan in peace. Tonight the gym was not empty when I entered the weight room.

Now I mentioned that I have been going to the gym since early November. During that time, I got used to the people who had spent time in the gym for the past 9, and this person was new. Not a big deal, she had brought her yoga mat, and she had her phone set up on a stand. I assumed she was making a video. Both of these observations were made as I walked down to my trusty bench to start my bent-over rows.

I grabbed my dumbbells and sat down to continue my ritual. I always remove my wedding ring before I lift and tuck it in my right sock for safekeeping. If I try to wear it, it digs into my hand and makes things most unpleasant. So I start grunting reps with ol’ righty and just nicely switched to lefty when I feel a tap on my shoulder.

So I stopped what I was doing and turned to see the new girl standing behind me, sporting a menacing glare and wielding her iPhone. I popped out my earbud and asked what was up. The following conversation is as I remember:

Me: Hey, what’s up?

New Girl: You’re disgusting.

Me: Excuse me?

NG: You saw me in here and took off your ring, planning on chatting me up?

Me: What?

NG: You’re gross.

Me: Ok.

I put my earbuds back in and got to work while she stormed to the other side of the gym and started packing her stuff. I watched her head for the exit while I was resting between sets. Anyway, I’m rowing away, and out of nowhere, I’m blasted with a cascade of liquid which leads me to drop my dumbbell and spin around to see what’s going on.

There’s the new girl with her recently emptied pink yeti screaming at me ( I’m assuming for being gross, it was unclear as I had my buds in still.) I remove my earbuds to understand her, and she storms away. The exchange's highlight is that my gym shirt now smells like vodka. Do most people drink at the gym? Am I doing this wrong?

The gym police (the internet) are on it!

ahnies says:

If I come across this video on TikTok, I'm expecting Joey Swoll to stitch it. I would probably file a complaint to Gym management. You were minding your own business and she made a mess over nothing.

Feeling_Ad_2354 says:

People are strange. It’s very common to not wear your ring to lift. I never wear mine to the gym at all because it gives me callouses and I also don’t want to scratch it. You didn’t f*ck up - she did. Sorry someone was so rude to you.

mattjones73 says:

I hope you talked with the gym staff; she needs to be kicked out of there for that behavior.

_JustEric_ says:

You were obviously trying to chat her up by... ...completely ignoring her and going about your business until she got all up in your face. You're not fooling anyone, pal.

OP, you are doing it wrong. All the best gym bros drink Vodka with creatine before every workout.

Sources: Reddit
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