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20 Americans share the thing they think the rest of the world really needs to hear.

20 Americans share the thing they think the rest of the world really needs to hear.


Super-sized portrions of fast food for all three meals, giant jugs of sugary soda, out of control high school parties, milkshakes instead of coffee in the morning, being blissfully ignorant about world news and going into debt if you trip and break your arm? American stereotypes are a rollercoaster...

So, when a Reddit user asked Americans of the internet, 'what is something the rest of the world needs to hear?' people from the United States were ready to share the things they think people from the rest of the world should know.


That a lot of us (most of us, in a lot of cases) do not support everything our government has ever done. I did not get a vote on the Iraq War. Please stop acting as if every single one of us is to blame for it. - mrmonster459


I don't want to be car dependent. I have to be. If I could bike everywhere in a REASONABLE amount of time, I probably would. But biking to my work takes an hour because our cities sprawl so much and our bike paths are not good and car traffic usually is higher on priority lists than bikes so our bike lanes are usually non existant or minimal. And I live in one of the best cities/areas to bike in, according to some lists online. - Kalron


We eat other things besides McDonalds and fast food. - Uselessmo


America is HUGE. I’ve heard of people visiting the US and thinking they could see the Golden Gate Bridge in a day when staying in Ohio. That’s a 2 day drive. - Barbanks


Our national parks are breathtaking - Playful_Fold4385


It's not that we don't want to visit other countries - it's that for the majority of Americans, Canada and Mexico are a day or two drive away, and paying over $1,000 to get a round-trip ticket overseas isn't something a lot of people can justify buying. - RHess19


We hate our politicians as much as non-Americans do. We do indeed have a few good ones trying to do the right thing but they are heavily outnumbered by both people/votes and money. - Blackops606


We are not our government. - the_tater_salad


(And this goes for some people IN America as well). 'Florida Man' is only a thing because the State of Florida has really weird rules about how crimes are reported/put into the public record, so stories out of Florida just make better tabloid headlines and click bait if you're an editor scrolling through the AP feed looking for wacky stories. - JoeMorgue


Americanized versions of food are still good and we still enjoy them. You don't have to tell us 'this isn't authentic [country] food.' We know it isn't. Just because it's not exactly like the origin country's version doesn't make it bad - punkhobo


We aren't all just like you see on TV - Exciting_Ad_3510


This country is big. People in this country get culture shock from moving within the same state and through different regions. This is,personally, why I find most generalizations of Americans funny. Also stop asking people who say they’re from nyc how many times they go to California. And vice versa. It’s far and expensive lol everytime I’m in Europe someone asks me this question - SoloBurger13


You can ski and surf on the same day in California - Optimus0ne


Solo cups come in a variety of colors - dlover28


Water should always be free at restaurants - HenzoH


We aren't a hive mind. Massachusetts is very different than Montana or Nebraska. It's not entirely unlike the differences between countries in the EU. People have different backgrounds, speak different languages, and often live under very different laws from one region to the next. The notion of 'Americans are X' gets exhausting. - End3rWi99in


We HATE the size of that gap space in our bathroom door stalls too . - ReadyFredyy


American cuisine is incredible and diverse. I don’t mean McDonalds or bacon wrapped fryer food. You have some of the best seafood in the northeast and pacific coast. Cajun and southern cooking in the south east, tex-mex of the south west, bbq everywhere and everyone has their meat and potato favorites. - Hot_Salad9000


Making small talk with strangers or saying hello in passing isn’t weird, it is friendly. - Scrandy_Dandy


Animals in Yellowstone will kill you. - iatetokyo2

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