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Person gets called an 'AH' for cutting line to get off plane and make next flight.

Person gets called an 'AH' for cutting line to get off plane and make next flight.


Traveling is very logistically stressful. It's not uncommon to feel a deep rage toward strangers about small inconsequential things as you try to make your way through. And unfortunately, sometimes you're the stranger another traveler feels rage toward.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, the OP asked if they were wrong for cutting line to get off the plane early. They wrote:

"AITA for 'cutting in line' when getting off a plane?"

I had a flight yesterday that got delayed, so I had a really tight window to make my connecting flight (like less than 10 minutes). I knew I was gonna basically just have to sprint off the plane and directly to my next gate. Unfortunately, my seat was in the very very back of the (small) plane.

As soon as the seatbelt light turned off, I jumped out of my seat with my bag and moved toward the front of the plane as fast as I could. I didn't shove anyone out of the way, but I did ask to squeeze by a few people, apologizing and explaining that I had a very tight connection. Everyone was willing to let me get through.

Once I got to the door, some guy behind me started yelling that I "should just wait my turn" since there's lots of people with tight connections. I explained that I didn't really have time to compare everyone's schedules, but he maintained that I was being an AH and should have just waited my turn.

AITA? Is this some unwritten rule of plane etiquette I didn't know about? I would understand if I was shoving people aside or cutting people who were waiting, but I don't see what's wrong with moving forward in an empty aisle.

People had strong opinions.

BeeSlumLord wrote:

NTA. However, next time let the FA know about your incredibly short connection and they may ask everyone to stay seated for “the person in (seat) who has a 10 minute connection“. FA’s have done this for us on 2 occasions, due to weather. They even called ahead to the next flight to let them know we landed and we’re running thru the airport.

Mean_Suit_9222 wrote:

This is an old topic here. You'll find some Americans calling you an AH. Everyone else will say you're not. If other people also have tight connections they can get up early as well. There's no rule that you need to follow the row's order. NTA.

Left_Angle_ wrote:

NTA - You knew what you needed to do, and you did it. It's not your responsibility to make sure other people make their flights. It's not their business why you needed to get off the plane fast. Personally, I'm usually the opposite and try to avoid anxiety at all costs, so I just sit and wait until I can casually stroll off the plane. I also do that so people like you can get off the plane faster.

elsie78 wrote:

NAH. But you should have told the Flight Attendant, they would have verified and they would have asked people to stay seated and let you off.

klipsed wrote:

NTA. I had a 10-minute connection (supposed to be two hours, but weather) in the summer, and better believe I G*NNED it off that plane. And across the airport. Thought I was going to die. (I am very out of shape). Missing your flight at origin or destination is an inconvenience, but missing a connection is MUCH more of a pain.

OP is NTA here, but it sounds like an extremely tough connection to make.

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